Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Massive, Scientific Excellence of Creativitiy

Imagine a world without time... Imagine, if we weren't able to fly? Imagine all the impossible thing that then become possible... with the gift of knowledge, given by our Al-Mighty, we are given the chance to use His exquisite creativity to invent world's most important evolution of inventions that now lies in front of our eyes. We are able to know the time with our hand watch or in our iPod, we can identify the direction of kiblah, look at maps based on Google Earth, and other fascinating discovery of science, astronomy, geography, arts, maths, architecture and medical and inventions. It's an amazing journey of what I was able to discover and I am so grateful to be apart of this exhibition, and it's still running till February, this year in Hall 1, KLCC Convention Centre. Click here for more info (Bahasa Melayu).

It's Massive!

Another great gift that happen to me is to finally meet my greatest guru of all time, Joshua Davis, during Massive Territory Conference here in Kuala Lumpur dated from 12-15th of January 2007. I'm writing an article for Territory Magazine volume 7, so you guys can check out our photo journey on the future publication, but meantime, get yourself a copy of Territory Design Magazine Vol 6! It's out now, and features DMP MekarMara in CD-ROM and also few of my artworks. Yeay!

Let's not forget, the photos!! [Click here!]

I Believe It's Magic!

Shot by Hasnul Hadi, MDeC. More photos here!

(Blog will be updated..too much things to write, and trying to simplify as many topics as possible). To A____, welcome back to my heart. I believe it's magic. Don't forget, things are not going to be the same, you and I.

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Kirana said...

She must be a lucky sister!

Anonymous said...


pi preview syaitan sok? gw dpt e-mail semalam. dah confirm ngan miss juliyah tu. that day masa kuntilanak gw di bali yah.

k, jumpa loe di sana yah!


Dida said...

happy happy for u too :)

*cosmic freak* said...

kirana, who's the lucky sister?