Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kre8tivity in Worldcup 2010: Typeface designs for #Ger #Uru

The past two months had been one of my most memorable event, the FIFA Worldcup. Germany, Spain & Uruguay are my best favorite team and each match they play was epical and very entertaining.

As a designer, I intrigued and fascinated by the creativity in worldcup; Jersey design and typeface! One of my favorite typeface design is by Paul Barnes, who created Crepello & Olembe for Puma Pace, while awesome Brazilian Designer, Yomar Augusto with such powerful & solid font called 'Unity' for Adidas.

For those who like to checkout these historical typeface Guru: Paul Barnes and Yomar Augusto.

The featured typeface 'Unity' in this article is copyright to Yomar Augusto & Adidas.

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