Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Weekend To Remember

I remembered the last big birthday gathering I had was when I turned 27 at Galeriiizu at Wisma UOA and followed by a surprise celebration on my 29th birthday at Lazat Cooking House in a housing area in Petaling Jaya after I prepared my home-made dinner, Mushroom Enoki Bean Sprout called the 'Enoki Nusantara Samba'. Ever since that, I never plan on celebrating anything big, just a small number of close friends and usually with my family. 

Me and my dearest friend Prakash Daniel

Best of friends from left: Adi, my sis' Abby Latif, Prakash Daniel, Salmi Omar, me, Azzad & Haslina Ghazali.

On Friday, 24th February which fall under my 33th Birthday, I sent an impromptu invitation to my close friends and colleague to attend my small birthday gathering at The Bee PUBLIKA and we had a great time with presents from Prakash, Azhar, Haslina & Salmi.

Behance Malaysia 2nd Group Exhibition / 6th Behance Malaysia Meetup

26th February was our official date of Behance Malaysia 2nd Group Exhibition 'finale' at Galeri Shah Alam. I was overwhelmed by the turnout was more than I expected, and as usual, great catching up session with all of them including walk-in guests to our exhibition. I also had a chat with Nikki, my former Editor from Art Malaysia magazine mentioned that our Behance exhibition will be featured in the magazine soon. Hoorey!

Since last week, if you (Malaysians) notice, our weather was constantly cloudy in the afternoon so as I would predict a heavy rain in the late afternoon. Right after the Behance Meetup in the gallery, I announce to all member's that I'm going to treat them for a lunch at fast food restaurant, KFC to celebrate our exhibition's closing and enjoying a great gathering session. 

We walk on the sideways from the gallery to KFC of Wisma PKNS Shah Alam. Mind you it was raining, and everyone at least got wet. I was soaking wet because I want to make sure all behance members who walk with me arrive to KFC entrance safely despite the heavy rain.

So after I saw everyone sit down on the table, I know that I felt relief as they all have their seats and I went out to the nearest ATM machine to take out some money because I want to buy them lunch. Then out of the blue there is this one adorable kid came out of nowhere and start pressing the ATM machine button while I was entering my menu selection. Dear Lord, kids these days are so rascal! haha.

Then I went back inside KFC, called my sister Abby, Prakash Daniel and my dear friend, Iskandar Ibrahim to accompany me to the counter to place the order because I lost count of how many people were there at the table, and I was friggin cold due to wet from the rain we were caught earlier.

Now, little that I know it was more than just a gathering and lunch treat. Without my knowledge, the Behance members (probably headed by Zid or Zam Nayan, or Debbie or Haslina Ghazali, or Prakash (I actually have no idea!) who had actually carefully, planned a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY for me, which I would never in million years thought of. And of course I wouldn't have any thoughts of it because I was too focus on my concern about the logistic of the crowd to the gallery, how we going to pack all of our artwork back later, how to send the members back to town, and what not. I got my mind focus elsewhere.

It was when I was about to reach to their table, and there you go, a delicious cheese cake appeared with a Behance Logo spelled 'Bé' Happy Birthday Muid. I swear at that point of time, honestly, I was so stunned and surprised and it's definitely overwhelming for me. Come on lah, who wouldn't thought, kan? 

They just made my day today. Even when Haslina passed the birthday card, I almost shred to tears because I always have this paranoia of being in-denial of friends getting distance from me due to my moody and emotional character, because I do remember I lost few best friends because they gave up on me because especially few years back when my career wasn't doing so good, and I had a tumor (which now recovered thankfully!). But you know, here they are, even as I grow old, I am surrounded by people who showered me with love and hope. Everyone was there, all the people who I had known for years, who was once a stranger became my friends, and from friends who became a part of my family. 

It was overwhelming, magical and truly a bless. It's not just Behance that I saw, it was a force of support, from people who believe in themselves and people who appreciate the things we do, despite if its individual or teamwork, we not only build a community, we build a family. It's enough for me to achieve something, and it's a gift from them, and I love them so much and I want to thank each and everyone who had been there for me, for the better or worst of me.

God bless all of you. Forevermore.

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