Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blissful Weekend

Last weekend was a blast! It started with three (3) major deadlines of freelance work, an art event, BeautifulJunk2005 which I happened to missed, and a beautiful event, my sister’s engagement day. I slept only 6 hours from Friday to Saturday.

Attending engagements or weddings could be very 'boring', however this time, I learn something new, which happens in my family, to see our dearest sister being proposed and engaged to the man she believes and truly love, same as the man himself, who love our dear sister very much. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my dearest family, relatives and friends, such as Amir, for the wonderful make-up, and my dad’s workers who have helped achieved this event. Funny that for all these years living in this army camp, we never bother to do any events or such, open to public, but there is was, that day, full of people, new faces, new family and life.

Now, another ‘terrifying’ subject I faced the same time and day is that all my relatives start asking me that F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Question) about ‘so-when-is-your-turn-thing’. Daa! It’s not easy to marry people these days especially your in the heart of Malaysia. Modern metro ladies these days gives you direct-denial or rejection when we look at them or give that body language at them. It’s so superficial. You can’t find a woman with brain these days who can love for who you are, despite most of them are being too self-centered and full of attitude because they believe that they have a career that they thought can take self-esteem from a local man. That’s why they end up alone too. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I told my aunty if I don’t have any girlfriend in 3 years time (who seriously care and understand about me, my career, my friends and my family commitment), I would just have to marry my cousin Mona! Ha-ha… they surely surprised. But both of us (me and Mona) agreed with my proposal (as if!), but hey, who knows what fate might brings in near future. Things might change. Things that are unexpected!


Now, let's see and read what my sister have to say, (here) her very own version of the following event (the engagement day tu lah...)

Now, let’s check out some of the event happen last weekend. Yeay!
You dear people can take a look at a photo gallery I had created.

Aniq with quick posse in front of the mirror

Aniq & Malik’s Engagement Day Photo Album:

Other than that, drop by Beautiful Junk 2005 photo gallery via Doxob Design Community here and Tau-Ew’s Image Gallery (http://tau-ew.com/gallery/BJ2005 ). Thanks guys! Really appreciate it.

Just came back from Midvalley after a 'visit' at a company called MotionWorks. Then me and my sister hang out at a fast food restaurant and met Boy and his friend. I managed to do few sketches, and new designs, will update my site soon.

I got two more upcoming events, one is an art exhibition at Wondermilk, this 31st of July in Damansara Utama (Uptown), Petaling Jaya, Selangor and Graffiti event around 21st of August. I guess I might not be going to Jakarta this August, instead, would be this September (sigh). NotThatBalai II is around the corner too. Hope DMP can participate this art event with new artwork installment combining Muid+Shieko+Perez+Yadd.

* just another dance so long ago…

5 opinions :

Fared Raihan Ahmad said...

bout the FAQ stuff ,i got dat too..
congrat to ur sister's engagement.

Muid Latif said...

FAQ tu, it's like soalan cepu emas la :)
"Muid pula bila nak tunang..." kuang-kuang-kuang..

Pai said...

a'a la.. aku pun nak bagi soalan cepu emas gak, "Muid pula bila nak tunang..?" wakakakkaak! :P pelan2 bro, tuhan akan murahkan rezeki mu.. percayalah kata2 ku ini.. (layan BM skema jap) hehe!

anyway, good luck to all of you DMP crews.. sorry la until now aku takde contribute apa2 utk DMP, hope you know, you'll always have my support bro.. God Bless..

Incube said...

Muid.. Im 24 years old.. my FAQ lak skang ialah.. "bila nak dapat baby?" hmm camne nak jawab tu .. before this.. "bila nak kawin..?" dah kawin.. "bila nak dapat baby..?" haha.. tak habis2 .. best tau kawin awal.. hihihi.

dannyFoo said...

Hey Muid, good to hear you're back in action of freelancing again. :) And congrats for your sista. Urm, about marrying a cousing, is that even possible? o.0