Tuesday, July 19, 2005

As the days goes by....

Catching a bad fever is not what I have in mind. It’s been 3 days and I’m dying to eat nice food and do ‘normal’ things. I have to sleep early (in my term, 1am). I miss hot and spicy food. I felt so vegetarian right now (Abby, not Vegetable tau...)

Anyway, I’ve my mind is getting more hair-wired, apart of settling my previous debts due to my previous %uc&up company back in KLCC who still haven’t paid their employees for almost 2 months, they still owe me 1k. My parents said to forget about it and move on. It’s been tough, but thank God if it’s wasn’t for freelance, I might not be able to sit in front of the computer today. I make RM500-2000k per week, however, on 24th of June, I decided to work on a 9-6 basis job. At least, I have the chance to receive permanent and stable income.

I’m not sure what my life is heading, but I’m taking it positive. I’m now working with a Singapore based company which I found very remarkable. I still trying hard to fit in and trying to find ways to improve myself and learn more new things around.

My dearest and sweet love
The person who I misses most my dear Sayang. It’s been awhile, and challenges is getting more serious everyday. We are able to talk on the phone and SMS. Just that. I miss touching my sayang’s face and those beautiful kisses. Miss walking on the streets of KL with my sayang.. it’s been hard and my sayang always told me to be strong. I’m trying to balance myself. I pass numerous things but my heart, still carry and burden me with clueless emotion which somehow rampage to scream out loud. Dear God, I love you for showing me the sign to stay strong.


Exhibitions, yes. Graffiti, yes. Being a part of guest photographer for DailyMalaysia (Thanks Shafina!), last weekend I spent my time with my Singaporean Graffiti Artist, Killergerbil, Phuek, with them are their dearest love. Seing them makes me jealous and envy because I wish the love of my life is here with me. Anyway, it was also nice to see Orkibal, Rooty, Alfromeow, Shiekster, Sona or SWS, Tha-B & girlfriend. We had fun chatting, sketching and did few throwups in Sri Hartamas & Bangsar. Next week we will have a graffiti event in Bangsar, YES LEGAL one. Can’t wait to try out my new graffiti illustration on my new character, Papa Afro and a touch of oriental, like the one I did at Wondermilk, Uptown Damansara. Let see what happen next week.

A very good news

Thousand appreciation goes out to Carole Guevin of Netdiver. Getting my portfolio site in the portal has been a privilage, to be listed with the world's greatest artists, illustrators and creative minds. Yeay!

Heard Jamiroquai’s latest work? A-must! Now, adding in my jukebox is CafĂ© Del Mar Volume 12 and Anthony Hamilton. Sleeek! Oh, yeah! Went to Bon Odori last Saturday. It was wicked. Checkout the pictures here. Arigato!

* dancing in weakness, fever and stress….

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Seniman Jalanan said...

excellent bro...keep up the gud werks...may allah be wtih u on yur journey to find yur way to a better life...keep on tagging and dong marvellous artwerk...