Friday, July 08, 2005

Life (Part V): Spellbound

Two Destinations, Two Objectives, One Heart, One Soul

Set on two different direction, I, on 6th of July, went to Singapore for two days work and my lover, “Sayang or A”, went back to A’s homeland the next day. Both of us can’t stop thinking about each other, on how we going to miss each other and how to deal with the reality that both can’t be together for awhile.

The night before, was a bid of ‘farewell’, where My Sayang doesn’t consider our last moment as a ‘goodbye’. “I will be back soon, I promise you and you have to believe me”. It was A’s very last words that still lingers in my mind. And there was pain that I couldn’t forget. We had our time together, had a nice dinner (sushi), later in Starbucks, where we put a vow together, share the smile. 30 minutes later, we had argument and misunderstanding (damn that bloody phone call). I walk away from the cafe, and My Sayang grabbed my hand and God knows what happened. It was ‘black before my eyes’. I continue to walk away from the crowded scene, with my heart broken to pieces. Ten minutes later My Sayang called. It was obvious that both of us did wrong move. We went emotional. I had made a big mistake. I got it all wrong. Later, we meet up nearby Bukit Bintang and start walking again together, holding my hand and keep making jokes to make me smile again. My Sayang was really trying hard. I gave up and smile. I know I love My Sayang and I want to make our “last” day most valuable day in my life time.

We took the train back home, since I parked my car nearby my place. I sent My Sayang of to My Sayang’s apartment were we bid farewell. I leave My Sayang a piece of note which I wrote earlier. It breaks my heart to see My Sayang leave from my sight over the side mirror of my car. My heart shed to tears. I tried to be as strong as I can, but I couldn’t stop crying. I put my head to my car’s steering after My Sayang left me. A minute after the door opened and My Sayang hold me and kiss my forehead. It was a moment I will never forget. It was something to remember.

Love is by near, love is by far, You loved me, and you complete me

Officially Missing You (Honey, you know that song!)
Sayang, I’m not over you and I will never do. I might have the power to make a fortnight in your life reminiscent of beautiful four years with you, but you my love, you changed my life everlastingly. You won my heart, you took my breath away, and you make my dream come true. You gave me best of love, hope, inspiration and motivation to be positive. You really take care of my heart and you always learn to find thousand ways to keep me happy. You really put a move on my heart. You’re just the one I’m looking for.

Where shall I stand in the rain without you by my side? If you don’t go, shall you gratify this very heart of mine, to be the sentiment that I longed for you.

Long distance call my love?
Glad to hear your voice yesterday. I'm glad you're alright. Try your best to achieve your ambition, I will always support and love you, till the end of time.


What I’ve been doing lately?

"And we spent!" Amazing work of Sona and my all-new Papa Afro.

Wake The Baby Sdn. Bhd, commissioned Sona @ Mika of SWS team and myself to work on a legal graffiti piece that was used as a background prop for a music video by the new up and coming R&B hip hop artist Shazzy. (Pictures available at Shieko’s fotopages and Caryn’s blog). The cheque I received allows me gain extra cash to go to Singapore (two days work). Thanks everyone (Azril for being such an adorable editor!). Cheers!

* I had my pre-last dance the other day with my sayang, ain't the last dance!

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dannyFoo said...

Hey, hey, hey!

Muid! Damn, you so in the love zone now. :) Good for you. Anyway, me and my b0o had to strut it out too when I was in Melbourne. Thankfully it's all over now and we're happy.

Hope the best for you dude.


mizzspekong said...

rasa mcm love cocoon wieeeeee.....