Friday, April 28, 2006

The Kingdom of Rebel @ Pelita Hati

I will be participating with Perez representing Digital Malaya Project collective for an art event, organized by ParkingProject. Featured artist will be a crossover between Indonesian and Malaysian artists, curated by Majidi Amir and Irene Agrivina from Indonesia.

This poster is illustrated by Isser. Checkout the poster below for futher details. Feel free to come to Pelita Hati, House of Art, Bangsar, this 30th of April. Mucho gracias.

Have you ever sleep well at night?

Sleeping can be very either comfortably entertaining or complicatedly freaky. I’m not sure how many of you dream while sleeping but I do. There are the weird ones, the cool ones, the P.Y.T ones, or vice versa. Most of the time I dream on working stuff, like doing my office work, or while I’m running or something.

Some Visitors from Bukit Aman:

I got a track on some strange IP coming from the Federal Police of Bukit Aman. Waitaminute! It seems that my mum and workmates are checking on my blog too. Gosh, what an awkward feeling.

WTF (Session 1):

1. Standard Chartered Online Support:

En. Abdul Muid,
We refer to your eMail dated
28th April 2006 and are glad to here that you are able to activate your iBanking service.

Please drop us a line if you have any further assistance.

2. My Reply:


Desirable Item of the year:

  • Apple MacPro 14.5” dual-core Intel
  • MadTV Season 2 – 11 DVD (ordering)
  • iPod Video 30GB
  • TAKARA’s Transformers Re-issue Volume 12-21
  • Happy Tree Friends Ultimate DVD Collection (ordering)

To My Beloved 'A'

How can love be true? How do we justify this damaged relationship we had build? Today I look upon my heart, doubt this pain and the leave to see myself holding your presence and smile. Where thou shall forsee this contemporary affection and relation lies within our heart? Hold on. I was blind not to see your sincerity, and forever I am glad that I know you love me dearly and I love you for all the great things you had done to keep me happy. We are getting closer to be true and good, heaven knows.


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