Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i waNN ThaT iPod!..


This is one of my latest work. This work is called 'Budakgilapod', is dedicated to my little brother, Hafiz. I remember sharing my iPod with him, and he would be amazed with iPod and start checking out every single corner of it. This is one of three more mix media crossover with my fav. graffiti artist, on my list is Killergerbil, Shieko and Orkibal! yeay!

We will be heading to Singapore to see Orkibal Solo exhibition. If you happen to be there, buzz me! I might be planning to go to Jogjakarta with Perez to see our beloved friends and do our video art performance. Hope financial will come at ease... please puhleeezz!

This is me, Deana Yusof (actress from 'Anna & The King' lead by Jodie Foster) and my sister, Abby.

Meanwhile, I will be updating my fotopages this week, feel free to check out my shots at Friendster Cafe and Kingdom of Rebel at Pelita Hati Art Performances. And, our crash at Wondermilk Cupcake.

Why does music piracy evolve more in Asian countries?
We're sorry but you cannot purchase tracks from outside the United States.
I just purchase 2 DVD from Amazon. One is the hard-to-find-in-here ‘Girl Six’ played by Theresa Randle and MadTV Season One BoxSet. Anyway, Why does music piracy evolve more in Asian countries? Because when I register to Apple iTunes, they only support selected countries, none support Singapore or Malaysia. PayPal doesn’t allow their Malaysian customers to take out cash from PayPal account. Amazon only allows us Asian to order 2 items, or else, other items we order will be charge with different shipping. How lousy is that? Now, since Malaysia have very bad resource in old-school music, I’m trying to get the CD by Few Good Men, those who knows jack swing and the early 90’s R&B would be familiar to this group. So what choices we Asian have? BitTorrent, LimeWire for illegal downloading. So what’s the use I have a credit card and trying hard to support anti-piracy campaign when they don’t allow us to do so. You, US online companies (such as Apple or Yahoo! Music) at first place doesn’t give any privilege for us Asian to benefit your business opportunities. Ah’m spent!

By the way, wonderful items to come this June which includes; MadTV Complete first season, Girl 6, Happy Tree Friends Overkill Boxset, Shifty Cut-up figurine, Nutty freshener, 4 threadless tee's and iPod. Yeay!

If you like Happy Tree Friends, don't forget to download the hi-res poster [here]. Don't forget guys, til 8th of May, you are able to buy threadless t-shirt for amazing USD$10 (that's RM36) per t-shirt. View and start ordering at Threadless website! A big thanks to Nizam Zakaria for promoting my work. Gracias! and I would like to give a big congratulations to my friend, Isma Yussof, who won the Cameronian award for his design (to beat DDB Malaysia).


8 opinions :

I'm Not Female said...

Anyone here going to KL International Motorshow 2006 (KLIMS) Charity Party Bash @ Friendster Cafe here ??

Zid said...

Hello Muid,

What a coincidence! I'll be in Singapore for two months for my practical industrial training /internship programme but I'm only leaving next week. I have yet to find a place to crash within that period.

I have yet to grow my sense of direction there good enough to get by!

Iced Nyior said...

happy tree frens....*cue : HTF Theme song*

ehh i noticed u change ur blog template since the last time i visited (which has been a while..been busy {the usual excuse})

Isma Yusoof said...

thanks muid :) sebab selalu sokong i selama nih :)

dannyFoo said...

u actually bought Happy Tree Friends?! 0.0 LoL!

anyway, when will you be in Singapre? me and some friends are planning to getaway there for a few days. :)


Rudy? (dudy) said...

moed the great designer...
respect, respon and reliks... :P

godot said...

eh, kapan mau ke yogyakarta?

Muid Latif said...

bilang si Agrivine (Irene), dia kenal Godot ..katanya teman email ;-)