Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday is a happy day to dance!

Now, this would be wierd. I am now in a cyber cafe in The Summit, USJ. It would be so rare to write a blog on an open cafe (as if). Anyway, I never tell anyone about what happen today (except Abby, Shieko, Iwas & Amyza who know about this). I had participate in 'National Hip Hop Dance Challenge' organized by V Dance Space school of Dance at the main stage inside the Summit mall. In fact, I was the first contestant to open the show. I had selected 'Janet Jackson - All Night' as my dance track. It's one of the most nervous event I had ever participate, to imagine more than 200 people watching at you. But I pass all the obsticle. Most important, I enjoyed it and I am so happy to be able to join among the youngsters. It make me feel better because I finally get to meet people with similiar interest. Dance has always been fun and entertaining. I like the response from the participants because they were really supportive among each other (although each and every one of them are rivals) :P

They had selected 10 finalist out of 20. It was good to see their joyful faces because of their effort and their choreography routine that they had been practicing (at least one week), I just do spontanously, freestyle. Well, I never hope to get on the finalist because the reason I join was just to get exposure, contacts and fun! I achieve what I'm doing here today! Thanks to all who had been so friendly, especially Aiman (the guy who won the MTV Malaysia: VJ Hunt). His move is awesome. Well, no suprise cause I've seen him perform in huge crowd, so his level of confidence is really major! To Jessie, and few other judges including the MC had commented on my dance and I got it. I feel that would be enough for me. I forgot that guy (the judge, famous choreographer's) name, however, I remember I used to see him dance on a Code 10 ad back in 1990's when I was in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru. Teringat zaman-zaman C&C Music Factory douwwhhh...

Thos who are selected for the finalist had already been familiar with the hip-hop scene, and 99% of the individual open also came from open crew (b-boys & girls). I ask few of them and they were like 21 years old. The oldest is 24. Hmm... like aren't there any of my age? But I felt young lah..

Sailing All The Way

I had such a great time last weekend, I met Shieko and Iwas for yamcha yesterday at Hartamas, and went shopping for computer hardware with Abby earlier. I upgraded my workstation to 1.2GB of DDRM. Man, that's like opening Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, iTunes and my Firefox at the same time. Yippie! No more worries! I'm now waiting for my 'MADtv - The Best of Seasons 8, 9 & 10' that would be probably arrive next week. Other than that, I had ordered 'X-Men: Generation X' paperback comic that features my favourite X-Men series, The Phalanx Covenent'.


4 opinions :

Iced Nyior said... did u get to the final round?

syed syahrul zarizi said...

Alo bro, check out my 70 top blog list, ur in nit!

beck said...

X-Men series: "The Phalanx Covenent"... never heard of this one. maybe i'm also dah putus with this comic thing, whats it about bro?

Muid Latif said...

Coconut, tak lah.. but i enjoyed it. There's so much things I'd learn.. and got lots of tips from the judges. Yeay!

Syed, thanks.. i got it all track with my statcounter actually.. :D

Beck, i'd replied your mail. You can visit this page for more info on Phalanx: