Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Golden Life

While Malaysians complaining about fuel price, tolls, taxes, local entertainment industry crisis, and whatsoever, what we actually really need to focus is more on what surrounds us. What is humanity? What is our culture? How do we strengthen our mutual communications, what about Mother Nature? What happen if there is tomorrow for all of us? Have we ever aware of what's going on in our neighbour country? How many have you seen what happen to Yogyakarta? What about the landslide in Hulu Kelang, Selangor this few days? Will you stand and whining about price fuel, or condemn a person? Or we more willingly to reach to your love ones as quick as possible, spend more time with them? As for what matters now is time, because time is such a valuable thing.

I think May is a month for me to look upon myself. I had really observed, analyzed, studied about my time and focus more on what I would become in future. What I need to worry and what the future holds. I thought myself to stay close to family. I wash my clothes often without relying on my maid, I cleaned up my room, I furnish them, and have my lunch or dinner together with the whole family. I had sacrificed (financially) almost what I desire and put the priority to what I need and must have. I get to spend more time with my family, especially closer to my little brother and sister. I get to know and learn how important to keep relationship with your family as close as you can, rather to run away from it. I don’t need to spend too much time with my friends, or more than an hour at the gym, or do unnecessary things.

I see most parents who doesn’t concern about their children would probably spend their redundant time entering karaoke competition (yes, especially Malaysian Army families (other-rank)and police, no pun intended!) and let their wives watch TV, makeup stories among their neighbors, get their big ass swell and expose to disease, let their children wandering with group of bikers at nights or left them at cyber cafĂ©, where teenagers (the children) can curse and swear harsh language among themselves. These are the issues we must look into. Should parents be proud to send their son on stage to show to the world how they (the children) can sing? What is education in the 21st century? Where all the good parents go? Why the younger generation getting more complicated and rude? Why our oriental customs fades away?

I had fulfilled my weekend with a lot of activities. I had the chance to control myself, a chance to control my temptation. Instead of spending three to four hundreds Ringgit to buy a pair of shoe, I decided tp put my money on other stuff, like buying pizza, taking the kids out to watch movie (yes, X-Men), drive them around Klang Valley and went to fun fair, where they can enjoy and see beautiful things in life, rather sit at home watching TV, stuck with your PS2 or computer. It was fun and I like it a lot. I rather spend my money on them, buying foods and books for them. I am proud to be a brother. Treasure your very moment ladies and gentlement.

Feel free to drop by my all new Flickr, features our weekend getaways with IKEA shopping and Lantern Festival, at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. (The entrance is RM5 and this expo will be on 'till end of June. For those who want to do photography, I encourage to come after 9.30 so the lest crowd and more space, it is easy so you can get your shots. What would your weekend be this weekend? :-)

Innovation in architecture

Seen the latest Apple store at Fifth Avenue? It’s absolutely breathtaking. Explanation is definitely unnecessary. All you need to do is to click here and step yourself to a clarify realm. Enjoy!

A show, called the 'Poster show'

At the present, I haven't been participating in any exhibition for few months and my recent submission to Wondermilk Gallery will open my hope to see how my art can communicate with the audiences and hope to meet more people who concern about art. The proposed date of the show would be around 20th of June. Other than that, I am excited to see my story board got selected as finalist at the Love@Fiction at the Singapore Museum of Art (SAM). I'm much excited about it. Thanks to Zack, Shieko and Iwas for bringing me to the museum. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be doing one. Check out their latest work in Kuantan via Shieko's fotopages. Arigato guys! Btw, the article about the National Hip Hop dance competition I recently participate had been out in the news (6th of June 2006).


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ManMeng said...

hey there muid,
siaukia here :D, glad to see you're doing pretty fine from that day and the posts down here, feels cozy haha.

I guess life's is real about living the moment, isn't it? Everyone's get their fair 24-per-day, fair and square, no one's getting 25 hour per day.

But there are times where dilemma kicks in to turn your head upside down to choose if to look back at your family or not. But well, nothing's more important than family members, that's when they did not start to argue about money's not enough, and seeing how their son could help them make more money by throwing them into the 'in thing' of the time to see if they can grab fast cash from it and probably blaming the child for not doing good in it.

Yeah, we'll probably need more love around ourselves, not only to love the peoeple we know, but the environment, everyone seems like spitting hate to each other seeing how's life can be so competitive and everyone's trying to bring their competitor down to the ground, bleeding hard and suffering.

Probably the parasite or virus on 'i need to make things better for myself,only, other people suffer nevermind, i dont care', will take forever to cure, but hell yeah, you're my source of inspiration as well.

Good luck in your future undertakings.