Monday, August 07, 2006

From Jakarta With Love

Many, many thanks to those who guide me to the ray of light, of traveling into the realm and culture of Asia's finest country in unity, tolerances and freedom, Jakarta. A place that open my mind and my spirit to understand deep how a heart works with passion, determination and affection.

My thousand appreciation goes out to the enduring sincere support from Godote, and his people, who had been so nice and understanding. You guys had done a great job for handling a prestigious event; Massive Offline. Thanks for inviting me to understand about Indonesian Design Scene. There is much to inspire.

Credits; Godote, Marthin (Marcell), Harry, Satya, Pram, Booi, and the rest of RangerBastard crew, the adorable Irax, Bellamy (Gue bisa ingat kamu adik Marthin), Godot, (Thanks for the T and stickers bro), Yoel, (We meet each other finally!) and the team; Ade, Andhira, Avianto, Bayu, Bleu, Desiree, Epel, Gage, Nina, SG, Thalia, yay! plus, the rest that I know (which I can recognice the face) but I forgot the names, you're all are the coolest people I met! Special thanks to Juan for tagging along and support the Indonesian Design scene. Thank you to Grafisdirumah for the write-up on the event.

Now, here are some photos available at my flickr, stand-alone gallery of Jakarta 32 Celcius & Massive Offline. And here's from Bellamy; and Evelyn Pritt's Massive Photo Gallery.

Now, I will suffer sorethroat and flu for another 3 days, due to my massive smoking with that 'euwh' lucky strike cigi's. God, how I have two datelines to finish this week, I will be sufficating a terrible creative stress. Life goes on yo!


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H said...

Hi Muid! It was really nice to know you and Juan. Thank for visiting us in Jakarta, man. Two thumbs up for Saladin! :D May we'll be seeing each other again...