Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transformers Mania

My dream came true (yeah baby!).Though Michael Bay didn’t bring the best of transformers for their die-hard-fan (macam saya), but it’s worth watching. I mean, come on, can’t expect every freakin’ transformers to be in the movie right? But I bet there’s Transformers 2, and hopefully ada Omega Supreme or Fortress Maximus atau Metroplex. Cool eh? Although the game for PSP was f****ng boring, I still watch it few times in the cinema. (Hopefully to be on IMAX). I’m sure by now, all transformers collectors are increasing their current collector price to $$$$ (4 digits) Ringgit Malaysia.

Here’s my recent transformers collection

Yang Baik (Autobots), mostly Takara version.

Yang Jahat (Decepticons). R.I.P. to my Insecticons, Starscream G1 & Demolisher. Sedey.. Ni semua gara orang gaji yg tak tahu menahu pasal kepentingan toys aku. Boleh tak dia buang time kitaorang pindah from Kem Sg. Besi to Selayang. Aku redha...

To calculate the total of my transformers collection, I spend more than RM4,971 since 2002 excluding DVD collection and other merchandise. Gosh, I can get a new MacBook with that figure. Tapi sayang pulak nak jual all my stuff kat eBay. Let me keep this as my only permanent hobby. (Tapi tak leh lawan my boss, giler satu rumah penuh koleksi from A-Z). Kalah Afdlin Shauki). More of my Transformers Collection @ My Flickr. Talk about hobby, my new hobby is playing PSP! yeay! (Gosh, macam budak2... umur dah nak dekat masuk 30 tahun).

TF Wishlist (jer!, bukan confirm beli):
  1. Optimus Prime Electronic Mask (Macam not necessary)
  2. Bumblebee (TF Movie version)
  3. Optimus Prime (TF Movie version)
  4. Ultra Magnus Masterpiece
  5. Starscream Energon
And I know all of these stuff I can get at only oooonne (1) place, that closes at 3 o’clock in the morning, right here in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. But having said that, I will be spending my money buying a very freaking cool WACOM tablet for improving and increasing my illustration skills using Photoshop CS. Better right?

_Work Updates:


And my sketch of a robot tengah membaca. Very cute one.

I have to do it since everyone in the office starts to illustrate their own version of transformers including Junning, Iman & Eisu.. Duh!

'Dambaan Jiwaku', My first LP CD, Edited by Kromosom / Keribang

Talk: ‘Generating Creativity Through Interactivity
I will be flying to Johor Bahru to give a talk on ‘Generating Creativity Through Interactivity’ together with my big man, ‘Kanye West’ & Ke’Kamal’lan under MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Content Initiative (CMCI) program on the 24-25th of July.

2nd’Exhibition: 7 July 2007 (7/7/7)
Digital Malaya will be showcasing it’s demoreel and my second public art performance at Central Market for the grand opening of 7/7 Malaysia First Digital Art Gallery. I will be rework on ‘Body Movement’ performance with a wyyeeeetle bit of contemporary dance for the gimmick launch. Nak tengok muid buat aksi lipat roti canai dan teknik sakit urat badan, teknik tangkap biawak, mari sama-sama ke Central Market Art Zone this 7th of July, 7pm!

I still miss my Perodua Kancil. I will never forget you!

6 opinions :

caryn said...

hey u rmb me :D
btw nice collection of transformers thr :D

ra° said...

saw in Imax. Booorrring. Images were blur. I'd rather see it in GSC Summit Screen 1 where they got a kick-ass screen with THX.

Anonymous said...

hey muid! ko apacer senyap jerk

beck said...

uuu. congtrats on having a PSP. i still cant manage to force myself to own one.

transformer, psp, etc...

we are getting older, but then, we still need these little guilty pleasure right? the kid in us
who always give that edge of fresh but edgier (is this how to spell it)creativeness...

Tenno Miyake said...

betulla dude.. transformer kewl giler.. hahaha..

Nicholas said...

transformers seemed to take over the world for a second there. Even my voicemail company set up a free greeting for everyone to use in honor of the movie: