Monday, September 03, 2007

The Buzzing Bee

Have I been away from the art & design world? Apparently not. With the duration of two months, besides preparing myself to collaborate with Shieko for LAMU / KTM project (Credits to Roopes & Mr. Wing!), I had came up with few artworks, to be precise, my Merdeka Art Series for the Merdeka 50 years Anniversary. This series will also combined with my other oriental art series for my upcoming solo exhibition by end of 2007. I had already talk to Izu from Galleriiizu and agreed on making a solo exhibition, this time I would like to travel throughout Malaysia and South East Asia promoting my oriental art series.

My study case of my artwork. As you can see, the floral decorative with Batik influence was applied for my artwork to create more organic freedom. The one-piece raw illustration was repeated to create a balance. Choosing the right color is the most important factor and it surely need a lot of time.

Final Artwork.
The 3 main color (red, yellow and blue) are mixed together. All the four (4) colors represent Jalur Gemilang, the Malaysia National Flag. Instead of the typical stripes of red and white, I intend to put more depth and vibe to create a harmonious mood. It works well and I like the outcome. Using Adobe Illustrator surely ease my artwork to be printed on canvas, in any size desired. This final artwork will be printed A0 size, and the cost to print this is very expensive ;)

Photography Galore

I managed to '
bertapa' (meditate) in the duration of two (2) months to polish my photography skills with my fellow Flickr group members (among them is the talented Syahrin Aziz, Awi (Shafina's cousin), Eka Putra, Johan, Matt Marzuki, Nik 'Waa', Iskandar, Ted Adnan, Danny Lim and other great photographers).

Ms. Dina

This month and last month, I had also manage to get interviewed by two party, one is a good friend and a strong fan of Digital Malaya Project, Syed from Sireh & Cengkeh and one more, surprisingly from ABC Network, Australia for a TV program called 'NOISE', which features artists and designers from all over the world and have few minutes to talk about their artworks and creation. Anyway, a big thanks to Desmond, the director for Saladin: The Making, of Saladin team for featuring me (few seconds je) along the rest of the talented Saladin team in The Making of Saladin in Astro Ria, dated 31st of August 2007, 2.30 pm. (feel free to drop by Desmond's Jalan Petaling Online Shopping Portal). Just two days ago, I found out a dear friend of mine, Atilia, mentioned that she also had voice Anisa, one of the characters in Saladin 3D animated series.

With Emily & Derrek from NOISE.

Find out more on my interview with Syed, here. You can also visit NOISE website for more info. Videos will be uploaded soon in YouTube by Jay Lim.

Being Addictive

It's been over two month most of us from the industry had been '
attacked' by the new age of Friendster / Myspace for grown ups and professionals, With over 30 million users and still growing, I can't take my sight of this cool personalized networking community portal which rocks big time! with web version 2.0 compliant. With facebook, I got the chance to hook up with industrial professionals and it's been such a privillage to be able to communicate with people like Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir, Datin Tiara Jacquelina, my friends like Atilia, Teong Hin, long lost buddies and many more. I know some function can be so irritating, like the group / 3rd party plugin invites. Nevertheless, it's so addictive!

I had also created the Creative Commons Malaysia Flickr Group (MyCC). This is one of my possible move to reach out more Malaysians and others to support this campaign as much as possible. It's good to see a lot of people starting to support CCM group. Feel free to visit our group here.

My sister Aniq, Abby & me.

Last Saturday, I had my good night enjoying Atilia live show at Wine Room, Kuala Lumpur. It's good to see people who have similar music interest enjoy the show. This is probably a great escape from sitting in my room reading novels and comics, or watching anime, over and over again. We went to the Indian restaurant nearby and my sister and her husband join us. A rare moment to see all of us together. It reminds me of the 'way back when' days with me and my sister's friends in those groovy nights.


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chot said...

wow nice design muid...


nidzamharjoh said...

yo Muid, nice works on the merdeka art series. mayb we could collaborate on Islamic art series someday..tehe.
keep up the good work!

syed syahrul zarizi said...

Selamat menyambut Ramadan

Quachee said...

hi there

find yr work impressive :)

btw, i would like to invite you to feature yr artwork + photograph in the book im doing for malaysia.

if you are interested, do drop me an email themalaysiapage at gmail dot com.

thanks :)

*hope to hear from you soon.