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Mubarak: 'Are we seeing but not looking?'

During Ramadan, Muslims are also expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam as well as refraining from lying, stealing, anger, envy, greed, lust, sarcastic retorts, backbiting, and gossip.
- wikipedia.
I'm certainly sure that Ramadan is a month not only to fast on food, but also to do more good-doings in our lives, 'behave' ourselves from our almost daily routine, including not to 'poke' any parts of our body (if you know what I mean) and not to curse. As for me, it's definitely a challenge especially when it comes to driving on the road. I can be a humble, patient driver but once a slow-ass driver tried to irritate me, then I would have a little 'concern'. Well, I actually do get used to it now and then, especially when I listen to Astrud Gilberto or Erykah Badu while driving. But despite all that, commuting from my place to my work in Cyberjaya definitely drained me out, seriously. I felt bad for not be able to have energy like I used to do back in the days, where I go for tarawih (muslim prayers each nite for Ramadan) and have more time then ever. I guess it may be the process of age or my digestion disorder syndrome that I'm still having. Maybe someway it had effected my health condition.

My current Facebook room. Send some items to my room. My new facebook friends also includes Hillman Curtis, Niko Stumpo, Andi Rianto (Indonesian talented producer, Jeff Ooi and much more. Come join us!

Well, normally after my iftar (and supper), I will be online checking my emails and my recent addiction to Facebook (FB) due to it's amazing architecture information (a.i) and it's usability. I do watch TV (National Geographic, Animal Planet) or chat with my sister or my parents. I can't sleep, especially if I had meal, at least not in 1 hour.

Work Updates

Creative Commons Malaysia

I had recently been active (online) in two groups for Creative Commons Malaysia. One is the flickr MyCC group and CCM on Facebook (FB). By the way, I heard Microsoft is trying to buy the famous social networking, Facebook.I hope FB won't be having so many restrictions, bugs and so many patches updates later if Microsoft to buy facebook. I remember, when Hotmail was bought by Microsoft, I receive more spams.

Back to CC, I'm planning to have a Creative Commons Day in November, since too much things to prepare. The merchandising might took a while, while I have to carefully select good people to join my talk / workshop. I will soon give a talk and demonstrate on how to get creative with Creative Commons. Info will be posted in this blog soon.

As a (young) photographer.

I've been exposed to photography over 3 years but this year is in fact the most serious time I got involved. I believe photography is another great escapism and challenge. I work with great people for the industry and they had taught me a lot. I remember working with few professional photographers like Jeffrey Tan, Ted Adnan and other photographer from advertising agency for some shots in their works and others. In the past few months, I have the opportunity to attend some workshop and talks that was given by Zainal Halim (Reuters) and manage to watch together with my friends from the Flickr Malaysia group of an amazing documentary of James Nachtwey, War Photographer.

Another paid talent work after experimental shot for Landrover Malaysia, this is my third work as a talent. To those who told how ugly I was back in my college years, this is the ugly boy you see in some products and ads.

Last two weeks, we (me, Salmi & Abby) had a slumber party at our place (despite me being the only guy, doesn't make me an alien), besides having late night snacks on our iftar, I took the opportunity to explore lights with my photography (knowledge). I'm pretty excited to get myself serious in this. Edri had also offer me to sell some of her lens and hopefully to get 3 hot items by this year.

This is my sister Abby, yesterday was her 25th birthday (25th Sept) and I'm celebrating her birthday together with our friends at Atilia's gig in (Raja) Chulan square, this Saturday. Feel free to join or drop by Abby's blog. Happy birthday girl! I hope in this year had taught you the meaning of life and career survival. Keep up the good work and always trust your talent and gift that you have.

L.A.M.U, Let Arts Move You

I believe this time it would be official that I will be joining the LAMU project with KTM Malaysia where me, Shieko and the rest of the artist will have the opportunity to showcase our artworks in KTM Commuter trains and even the KL Sentral KTM Commuter stations. I believe this is a great opportunity for me to get back and connect with my art skills, which I had abandon since Merdeka this year.

Feel free to visit LAMU @ DMP here.

Life Updates: If I hold a hand again, it will not be me, it will be free.

I am not invisible, because others let me see what’s in their heart,
I am not fragile, because I can be strong to stand on my feet,
I am not evil, because I help people in anyway I can so I learn my mistakes,
I am not humble, because some times I need to brag to build my confidence,
I am not a saint, but a sinner to my unperfected existence,
I am not a free, but I let others free by doing the right thing,
I am not safe, because my life will be in the hands of the Al-Mighty,
I am not solitude, because I have people who love me.

Getting myself back stabbed has been a natural story, but not to the recent 3-4 months ago.
Adding to that, even 'another person' have dark deadly revenge on me and try to find a way to threaten my friends and family, there are also few individuals (hint: ex-employer) who's bound to take me down due to his impulsive decision. If he was kind, respectful and humble, he would have been a good friend, and a lot of great opportunity would roll in his way. Out of all people, they are people who I had been close to, and they are the people that I had help to build their motivation and support their career or company. It’s the time I’ve been pushed away and they thought I was weak. The case I’m in now is very clear and I will know one thing I am certainly sure of what to do and what solution I can think off. I will rise from my fall, I will stand up and work even harder and make new friends who see my potential and support my battle for survival. I will keep moving on and I will never look back.

To the recent art scene ‘fanatics’ who had been questioning my seldom appearance in exhibitions and events, I’m not dead. I’ve been in full creative practice to ensure I will go further, upgrading my skill sets to keep up with others, and the trends. Like everyone else, I have a lot of commitment and I choose to concentrate on most priority in my career and family.

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Photos by the talented Eka.

From left (counter-clockwise): Muid, Johan, Edri, Ena, Mizie, JingYing, Victor, Wira, Grom Airess, Magnus (Azami), Prakash, Abby & Eka.

This is not the kind of buddies that you like to meet once in blue moon that says hello and bye-bye. I had made a very strong relationship with a bunch of low-profile, humble and friendly people from Flickr group, they kept me warm and let me be myself, without putting a barrier or walls between them. They are my new family and they had help push my small limit and talent in photographer one step further. I thank to all my KL Flickr members for accepting me, rather than pushing me away. I love you guys very much and thanks for accepting me.

Catching with old friends

My new 'family'.

Last weekend on the 27th September, I managed to take my friend out for a hang out in Bangkok Jazz; Nadiah Aziz in conjunction of Abby's belated birthday in Atilia's show. It was awesome! Anyway, Nadiah has been my best friend way back when I studied in UiTM. It was the era of knowing Modestos (no pun intend), working on art projects at late nights while listening to Beatsie Boys & Prodigy, and what not. Nadiah was the only friend I am close to talk about anything. It's like whatever I had in my closet, she knows ;). We plan on meeting regularly soon.

About three days ago, I also received a message from my dear friend Noni from Penang about our upcoming reunion this December. I’m pretty excited about this because I like to meet my old friends and have a good time together. However, there are some friends from our past who always refuse to join. He likes to put a great barrier in any relationship or friendship, and that is Zamri Azizan. He questions why we need to have reunion each year. It’s not right at all. There’s no such rule on when a reunion should be made. From my observation on last year’s reunion, I’m so happy to see all of us stay together, chit-chatting, wrapping up gifts, preparing dinner and sit down together to have a nice barbecue. I guess some people don’t want to keep friendship and mutual relationship. And it’s pathetic to live alone full of negative surroundings and without people who really care and loves you.


Last but not lease, my deepest condolence and prayer goes out to our beloved Nurin, who had been brutally abused and murdered. Visit the late Nurin's Uncle's blog here. Visit Screenshot and let's us all pray that kids can still go out at the playground.

Have a great fasting month, and great week guys!

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