Thursday, November 15, 2007

Whenever You're Around

Whenever You're Around

I'll let you choose the colors in the sky,
So we both can create rainbows of affection,
I promise to lead you the way to my heart,
So I won't be in a solitude space.

I saw a spark of territory tend to divide us,
but when I close my eyes,
I see nothing can come between us,
because your strong will and adoration conquers me.

I heart for a cure to heal me,
from such painful damaged years,
Somehow slowly recovering,
To seek a hope that will set me free..


2 opinions :

alvaro said...

And the we have a Poet, Poet Moed, Poet of the Heart, Poet Of LOVE!!!!

Zid said...

Godspeed bro, godspeed.

In a way the illustration will hopefully become a catharsis for you.

We're in this together!