Friday, November 09, 2007

New Work: Orcanius, New Jpod Baby born!

I promise Alvaro that I will be publishing my new work on my blog so here goes.

I am very happy and joyful to hear the news from Orcagirl about the new Jpod Baby born. Thanks to Orcagirl for the linkup. Truly honored and flattered. Congratulations! Check out her blog here.

The raw sketch had been made when I was at the Photoshopworld Asia 2007 together with Yahoo! Flickr Malaysia group on November the 6th, and this artwork is actually dedicated to my dear friend who's an environmentalist who is now in Mexico looking after the adorable killer whale name Orca.

I decided to use very minimal duo tone colors. I will be producing more of this soon, after my visit to Niah Caves in Miri, Borneo this weekend.

above is the brief artwork process like what I did for Merdeka series.

A Happy Deepavali

To all my Indian friend who's celebrating Deepavali, wishing you guys a great holiday and may the lights colors your life with love, prosperity and happiness to you and your loved ones.


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Kevin Zahri said...

nice work there muid!