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Another Day in Jazzland


To be able to find my time to write this blog would be refreshing, as I manage to finish of a lot of works on my plate. I got so many things to write about, but for now, I want to share my experience for the last one month. Hope all of you enjoy and inspire.

The Office @ Sinktuary

World Congress of IT (WCIT 2008)

A clean cut design work that will be featured in Jalan Pinang billboard, and finally to work on a widget for event countdown. Yeay indeed!

Penang e-Creative Open Challenge

An inspiring event I should say. I was invited as chief judge to evaluate the entries by local talents and I'm very inspired and flattered during and after the judging process, not to forget to meet new friends. As usual, judging is not easy and it takes a lot of consideration and evaluation to identify interesting subject message from the contestants.

I had hard time, because all of them are good, and to my surprise, they are all young, and we are talking about 14-15 year old school kids who enjoy watching Animax and read manga comics. The work produced is very well produced, and they use WACOM to do this. No joke for that!

Above artwork is made by the grand prize winner. Congrats to Reona Dawn! Her presentation is up to international standard, and she plans to study on Game Design & Programming. All the best girl!

Personal Updates

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2008

Adobe Design Achievement Awards, In Malay Language (Kindly inform that this is not my work)

Never in my life would be so lucky to be approached by Adobe Design Achievement Awards committee to be a part of their wonderful campaign. This year, Digital Malaya Project (DMP) had been invited to become Adobe ADAA Media Supporter, and I would like to give my thousand appreciation to Ms Carole Guevin, who is one of the outreach committee member and also the founder of the super-famous Netdiver. Morever, receiving a precious gift from them, the Adobe Design CS3 Premium software will make me more productive after getting this macbook pro baby. I'm planning to buy Office of Mac, Adobe Lightroom & Aperture 2 soon. Of course, we, DMP on our end need to promote this prestigious event to our local schools and colleges. I managed to get sponsors like EcazStudios and others (Jay & Vivian) to help me promote, so I thank those who supported Adobe and DMP.

Talk about DMP, I'm just trying to buy time to revamp back the site. It's been ages that I have not contribute any content accept major promo and updates. After reading 'Destroy The Web 2.0 Look' from Sireh & Cengkeh Terpilih, it made me pretty clear about myself as a designer, NOT to bow down on Web 2.0 look, entirely. We call ourself a designer but we are not if you kept on using design templates provided by wordpress and ready made templates, which includes following other people trends, but not yours? It's definitely a waste, and also a conflict of identity that you had been trying for, and as for me, I ain't going to give it up just because of the trends and so called 'the in-thing' that I myself need to follow, when back in 2001-2002, we already have explore the usage of JavaScript, Applets and DHTML. With the Web 2.0 look, or those ready-made template by other designer will will only weaken us as a designer. You can do everything according to the trend, but don't let all of your work be at one style. These days, Flash website gets more control because of FLEX and it's seamless interactivity. Thanks to Syed for bringing this great feature in his website. To us who have the pride of calling ourselves designers, do your design according to your own style and identity, but technically improve on back-end, whether integrating with a good CMS or a funkilicios ActionScript for your works.

Weekend Breakaway

Last weekend (29-30 March) had been another blast as I spent my time with my fellow Saladin artists such as Sandra, Remy, Hanie & Immo to go out for a sketch-session at the National Birdpark in Kuala Lumpur. I got so caught up with 'Toco Toucan' and Malabar Pied Hornbill species. Managed to get some sketches done, though I have to rush for Yahoo! Malaysia Flickr 2nd Anniversary Party at Pelita Hati Gallery, with another special freestyle dance performance by me :P

Photography: Going on Travel Photography, most likely.

Meantime, my photo work of Niah Great Caves has been shortlisted in the National Geographic 'Daily Dozen' for April 1, 2008. A big thanks to k.a.b.i.r, my KLickr pal who had informed me.

Digital Malaya @ PeKOMIK Mini Convention

I was invited by Azhar, chief of Malaysian Comic Association (PEKOMIK) to give a talk at the PeKOMIK Mini Convention last weekend, 6th of April. I was so honoured to be presenting my work with the attendance of fellow artists including the legendary Ujang. His talk was awesome, inspiring and hilarious.

RECAP: Get Mooovable Moving Art Exhibition

This show went with a great success, follow by strong support by my friends, mostly from Flickr Malaysia. Our exhibition was also featured in two magazine, one is Space, volume 1: 2008 and March's KLuE with name mentioned and artwork displayed. It was also one of my very rare event, because I had performed two dance session. I pay my greateast respect to two special individual, Jay Lim & Vivian Toh for putting up such a successful event and to be able to handle and coordinate very smooth. You guys are in my heart.

Muid & Friends

Muid's performance.

Artwork Updates: 3 fresh from the Oven

I managed to do some illustration on my flight to Penang, so this illustration was created 27 feet tall. Cherry Bomb! (Joan Jet)

'If Dreams Are Miracle', by Muid Latif

Exploration: In Her Mind
'Exploration: In Her Mind', By Muid Latif

I'm also digging up my old illustration and managed to rework on some including my current work-in-progress for the Hijau exhibition this June.

The Punishment
'The Punishment', by Muid Latif

EW.I.P: 'hizhuo
W.I.P, 'Hizhou', for HIJAU Exhibition, this June 2008.

The Trip: Java Jazz

Back in 1994, when TV3 introduce us to Benson & Hedges: 'Golden Dreams', I used to remember that I wrote a letter to them about my golden dream to meet someone that I adore, someone that I constantly listen to back when I was wearing that green pale pants and white school uniform, imagining that someday I would meet Kenneth Edmonds, probably known as Babyface. His music had pretty much influence my life, my creativity and my interest for r&b and soul music. So when my sister bugs me about Jakarta's Java Jazz Festival, I had a flat chance to go there because of my workload, but thanks to my dear boss, I was able to go there! To know Incognito, D'Sound and Park Drive will be performing in that prestigious event, I felt there's no reason I should not waste my weekend by not going there. So later we tag along with our friends like Oya, Halimi Saidi, Atilia, our dearest local singer, and her konco-konco, Fizar Harun, Jerry, Fid Fathir (he's a cool dude!), David, Eric Li, Donna, Teejay, Comel, Roslan Wikinson (hope I spell the name right), and our dearest soul-lady, Salamiah Hassan and the rest.

Park Drive @ Java Jazz

A week before, my sister asked me if I would like to buy the special ticket to watch Bobby Cadwell and Babyface, but I rather spear my money for shopping, because I'm up for that. Going to Jakarta is like heading back to your second home, because I got lot's of memories and friends there. I know it's such a waste not to see Babyface performs, but on Sunday the 9th itself, set the most historical date of my life. This is how the story goes;

The people @ Aquarius
In front of Aquarius Record Store.

After shopping tons of CD at Aquarius in Pondok Indah, I kept on whining to Abby to go to EX Mall nearby Sarinah Mall (I think so!) because I want to get that delicious Japanese food that I ate early last year when I attended the Massive Offline conference. But instead, Abby told me to head back to Jakarta Convention Centre so we can arrive early to the show.

So we went there. We took the tunnel from The Sultan Hotel. There's a moment when we about to pass the lobby and I said to myself, 'If only I can see babyface..', and a few second, I saw a tall American-African came out of the lift alone. I immediately shout lightly to Abby and I said, 'Sh!t, that's Kenneth, Babyface!'. I lost all my sense and run towards him and greeted him 'Kenneth'. To my surprise, there's not even one assistant was near him. I ask him if we could take a photo of us together with him and I know that time, he was rushing for his show. He said 'yeah, sure'. It's just out of the world to know that suddenly I have a chance to meet him. I shake my hands and I told him thanks and said it's an honour to meet him. Right after we took the photos with him, three of his assistant start to chase him and ask him to leave for the show. I thank to Abby, and God for making that moment a day to remember.

Me & Celebs
So, this is for the cool in me, and Babyface!

The 3 days event is a blast, with a lot of fun and laughter. Finally I managed to get my hands of the famous Krispy Kreme, the most delicious donut. I also bump into my friends, and they are Azlan Abu Hassan @ Soulguy, and Omar K! Me and Azlan goes way back and we have been chatting since 2002 but never meet him in person, but Java Jazz made a great meeting point for us. Thanks Azlan, for recognizing me and to hang out with us. It was also a pleasure to meet Omar K, one of Malaysia latest new fresh producers who made great composition.

Muid & Celebs

Parkdrive, as smooth as jamiroquai+incognito.

It was a pleasure to be able to stand in front of them and enjoyed their performance and meet them in person. Thanks to our brother lead guitar of Atilia's genious band, David, who's also a natural-born photographer, for hooking us up with the Park Drive's musician, Rayendra (Ray).

Muid & Celebs

Muid & Celebs

Transform: Masterforce!

Transformers Updates

More collection, more orders including the cool G1 Encore Omega Supreme. I managed to get Skylynx (but ain't really likin' it) and managed to get two precious Masterforce series, the Powermaster Lightfoot and Powermaster Dreadwing.

Outro: Kembara Hati

Being grateful and thankful to God, for giving such high spirit and awakening. Friends comes and goes, but to some friends, you made such a wonderful journey for me. Thanks again for your kind support, and thanks for accepting me for who I am, and for the worst of me.

I recently had a great smoking-break with a colleague of mine and we had discuss about relationship. I conclude his input that inspired me.

I will no longer push everyone to be in my shoe because they can't be as I am. I have to learn to accept that very small part of a person character, regards to the limitation they have. I understand some people can be comfortable within their box, within their own comfort zone and I will not push them to go as what I am. Some people are afraid to share their past experiences because they afraid of loosing, and I may no longer doubt or question them. Let them know me, and I let myself learn just little, as long as they are happy.

I revisited my mistakes and my failure once again, and in time and space, I will find my way again.

Up Against The Wind - Lori Perry

Day after Day seems like I push against the clouds
They just keep blocking out the sun

It seems since I was born

I've wakened every blessed morning

Down on my luck and up against the wind

Don't you stop, don't you run, don't you cry

You'll do fine, you'll be good, you'll get by

Night after night seems like I rage against the moon

But it don't ever light the dark
I curse the falling rain
But it won't stop for my complaining

Down on my luck and up against the wind

Don't you stop, don't you run, don't you cry

You'll do fine, you'll be good, you'll get by

Swimming against the tide and striking the indifferent air

I'm swinging with empty hands

Driving that empty dream

Day after Day I fend myself against heat

But it don't ever cool the breeze

Don't you stop, don't you run, don't you cry

You'll do fine, you'll be good, you'll get by

It's time to blow that candle, and sit in a silent darkness, but not as a lone moth, but a free hummingbird, ready to sing beautifully.

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