Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Do You Define Your Life?

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Each person
is bound to look at things in different perspective and this pretty much depends on family background, education, culture, religion and other factors that contribute to who they are today. A person who choose to confine themselves with solitary and think that the world is unfair, is actually one of the reason why civilization stop to grow with positive minds due to the attitude of 'don't bother what's around me'. Pretty much sad to see such negative upbringing with low self esteem, inferior complex, being obnoxious and prejudice over many things.

In the past and presence, I met few individuals who inspire and some who pretty much confine to their own realm. Much as I want to believe they have gone through tough times in their lives dealing with their problems, I see that there was no social engagement and interaction to help them fit themselves and create a circle of positive community, at least among their friends.

As a result, they hurt a lot of people by being too upfront about their problem, when you compare with what's going on in the world today, I shall say this does not benefit anything. There are people out there each day die of cancer, die of poverty, die due to racism and prejudism. People out there are struggling trying to live a better life, to pray for a longer life, while some choose to take risk to shorten their life by doing unhealthy things (smoke, drugs, sex, etc)

I for once, have problems of my own, it was crucial compared to those who think the world is going to end, but what I'm truly grateful. Whenever I'm lost, I have friends to help hold my shoulders and said 'it's going to be okay'.

I had recently been discovered with tumor (which is curable, insyaAllah) in my body but I did not make a huge fuzz about it. I have to take a lot of medication daily in order to sustain myself. Each day, I opt to project a better person out of me by doing so many things, so many wonderful things. I became more productive ever since I discovered my health problem. But that doesn't mean I have to give up. Sedangkan Iblis tak berhenti (don't give up) untuk membinasakan dan menjatuhkan umat manusia. Think about that!

For example, if you just came from a horrible relationship, doesn't mean you have to punish yourself and reject the affection and love from people that surrounds you. That shows how ungrateful you are, and when you have that kind of attitude, that's how karma takes place. KARMA happens when you neglect or ignore others that care for you, and when one day you crave for attention, and when give attention to someone and they don't respond to it, this is where you should look back and define your contribution in the past. When you do bad things to people, you can NEVER achieve happiness in life. never.

Remember, the law of balance is so fair, you have no idea that you actually rejected people because they won't be able to satisfy you. That's when you become a failure in engaging relationship, after meeting one person to the other because in the first place, you treated those who cared for you POORLY and u give them no attention, not even concern. You don't bother because you're practically 'done' with them.

When you treat people without care, when you neglected people who believe in you, than you had actually contract yourself of loosing your soul. What is left is just lust and temporary 'happiness' that does not benefit your own self. In fact, what you're about to do is harm yourself and others. What happen when you're 35 years old and your friends start leaving you because you don't want to change your character, your attitude? I believe some don't, and some turn into cold heart. God have mercy on them.

Start Believing, Fight For It.

Self-acceptance is important in life, it helps to shape you to be a positive person with persona and passion to inspire people. When you remove that border, that territory of yours, you starts to experience more wonderful things in life, more than you can imagine! (From left, two important love of friendship, Amin & Ashvina.)

We have to 'Pay It Forward' and can't expect good things in life to come as rapid so we can satisfied ourselves. We must do positive things in life in order to reach happiness. We have to start to LISTEN to advices. We must listen to the voices of those who are concern about you. We must also care.

So for those who choose to confine themselves, think about what are you doing to affect others. They give so much light and vibe for you, to cheer you up. At least appreciate this very moment or you will eventually end up in solitary and become hopeless.

Don't waste your precious life over the things you can't fulfill. Nothing, nothing is perfect in this world, to begin with. Be strong, have faith, have belief, start caring, start being grateful and start to learn how to appreciate things that surround you. You actually have friends who cares for you, so never push them away, never.

If you can't be a good person for your self, at least do it for the sake of your love for person that you care the most. If you ran out of option, it's never wrong to love God, because God had been given us affections more than we can ever imagine.

Pray for the ones who's you've lost. Let their soul be happy in heaven. Don't let them despair where you start loosing control over yourself. Each day, I pray for the one I've lost. I miss the late Kak Yasmin Ahmad, and I never miss a prayer and al-Fatiha for her. I want her to know that I'm justifying my life better, and want to be a lovable person who continue to inspire others. That's how she made that impact towards my life. May you rest in peace.

If you can't understand my points in this entry, then WATCH THIS VIDEO. It's a must!

There's always up and down in life, we can eventually shape ourselves better if we want to start living our life the right way. You have no idea how joyful it may be when we open our hearts and take opportunities to bring better prosper in life.


2 opinions :

Croglish said...

one reply on your: "When you do bad tihngs to people.."
Just a minute ago I commented on a blog of one teacher that found a piece of paper on a desk.. a "thank you" note for a small good thing that she did for a student.
I think that if we do those small good thing to people around us, that can move the world from a point that you noticed on a beginning of a post. That is why people should just start to remember those small thank you situations that they are sometimes in..
About a health situation.. when people come to that point nothing else matters, but before that, very stupid things can make them to be irrational..

I must say that I'm happy that I've decided again to write and read online.. that made me to read your post today, and that made me to really feel great and thankful.

I hope to read something from you soon.. stay well..

Achmad Edi Goenawan said...

True in all circumstances we should be optimistic in reaching kebahagiaa, certainly not in isolation, but open to friendship and enhance family relationships love each other! With a lot of people around us live more passionate and dynamic. The ups and downs in the life of the ordinary, and must be dealt with positive thinking!