Monday, March 22, 2010

Sampah Masyarakat

I like to talk about my definition of 'sampah masyarakat' (a trash). I just witness two person close in life who are worthless, useless people, and may this post will give you an insight about human behavior and their ignorance.

Ecstasy, Viagra, Poppers is a huge 'drug' trend among Malaysian, especially clubbers who enjoy trance and rave music; particularly among gay/lesbian community and the entertainment industry. There's even more types of drugs I can list here, but let's just stick to the 'normal' ones.

I foresee that a person who have a career but yet uses substance for 'fun' which includes sex activities to be filthy and disgraceful. Sadly, more of those who took ecstasy came from a good family, or have proper education and profession. Well, some are jobless and became gigolo or male sex worker, male sex masseurs; just to earn a living. I thought it's pathetic. Seriously. No pride and dignity for selling your soul away just for the sake of substance or materialism. There's no value to your life for doing this.

There are so many side effects to this, and three important signs you can see in a person character; temper-tantrum (very bad temper), skeptical and physically, eyes turned yellowish. I witness this with my own eyes and I seriously loose my respect towards them. As the matter of fact, I never respect them because they are the one who choose to live a life so useless.

Shame on you! You are definitely deserved to be call a useless, worthless trash, or in Malay, 'sampah masyarakat'!

There's always a better solution when dealing a personal problem. That's why it's important to choose the right friends around who will provide continuous support & motivation for you. Faith is also the key of your belief to ensure you find your serenity & peace.


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the so called me said...

agreed!!there are so many ways to overcome stress..afterall, all problems have their solutions..