Monday, April 26, 2010

As We Borrow This Body from Heaven

My years of being a designer had definitely destroyed my biological clock. As a result, most of us, including myself had became unstable; emotionally and health.

Conditionally we are aging slowly and unconditionally, our passion still runs in our blood stream that allow us to do more stuff than we ever expected. We are frequently experiencing insomnia and our mind keep distributing ideas and creativity more than just a normal person due to our excellent gift of visualizing things through our mind.

This ability, to this day I would say it's rather impressive and each day i began to felt thankful and grateful that God allow me to use this body that I borrowed from Heaven.

Long ago I had talked about "Creative Breakdown", but now, i'm not sure if i'm experiencing the same thing this time of the day. I cannot define why in mind I wanted to do many things but my body just keep lagging.

So tell me, does our age makes our creativity drain out or we are just in denial of not to perform due to our unorganized time and efficiency?

What's A Daily Life of Mine?

Make toast in the morning, make up bed, shower, laundry, wash dishes, send kids, watch news/TV, read magazine and off to work. At night, I will normally spend time to engage contacts through social networking to release some stress and later resume back work. I will normally sleep in the office if i'm too lazy. But I don't even know if the word lazy ever existed in my dictionary because it seems a lot of tasks keeps consuming my time and energy that I won't be able to focus entirely at work.

For now, I have:
  • Judging for CUTOUT Magazine Cover Design Competition & Talk at Dasein Art College
  • Finish Atilia's Indah Album Art Cover & Perintis Website
  • Send Taman Tamadun Islam revise updates to GreenMelon
  • My lyrical dance performance for World Dance Day at MAPKL, Solaris Dutamas on the 30th
  • Kuala Lumpur Design Week on 1st week of May,
  • Digital Malaya Project Showcase & Talk at Petronas Gallery on 22nd May
  • Solo/Group Exhibition in Penang Art Museum June 2010

There's so many things I left out, so much things to do, even in this very stage I'm looking for creative interns to work with us at Digital Nusantara. *Sigh*. I don't even know if I do have a Personal Assistant (PA) when I did remember hiring one under my company. Am I just too unfocused to do anything? Or I just have to stop, retired without money (only depend on EPF retirement) or I work in a different corporate environment. God knows.

Some 'refreshment' impromptu dance video for my upcoming public performance at MAP KL, Solaris Dutamas this 30th April in conjunction of World Dance Day!


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SRJ said...

I have this to say to u my darling Muid - Anda HEBAT!!! Being a workaholic creative God-sent from Heaven person like you are, I think the day u retire will be the day everybody else retires from this world. Such a dedicated passionate soul!

Owh btw, is the showcase at Petronals Galeri on 22nd May open to public? Me included? Coz if it is, I sure will be there to support u & ur team babe! Pls feed me with the details. All the best!