Sunday, May 08, 2011

Creativity with PencilBrush

The latest groundbreaking trend for illustrators and artistes is the PencilBrush, a hi-end yet user-friendly and innovative pencil that works like a brush, just the way you want it.

Bigbrosworkshop had invited me to attend an 'Introduction to PencilBrush' workshop curated by the creator himself, Alex Tarusha. Alex had demonstrated us the fastest tricks and tips to draw portraiture or figure using Pencil Brush and it took me just 3 minutes to produce something that I would normally achieve in 30 mins or so. Among top Malaysian illustrator such as Michael Chuah (Gilamon), KidChan (The Illustrator), 100Tentacles, ActionTintoy, Kenji @ BlackFriday, UrbanCreatures, Lisa Lee, Najib a.k.a Artech, Kenzy, MAWS along others.

We had such an enlightening experience and the outcome of using Pencilbrush is truly unexpected and different from our usual stroke that most of us had achieved using permanent marker.

"A handheld tool that is as simple as charcoal, gives you the precision of a mechanical pencil and the sketchy feel of a normal pencil. In short, a smart tool that offers large area coverage and a sharp tip for details that at the same time can serve as a dynamic liner. All this in one single tool with just one tip!" - Alex.

PencilBrush gives a different, extended volume of stroke, 3-4 times faster from a single pencil could achieve. It's a great exercise and it provide you a greater consciousness of how you control your tool in producing different outcome from different movement and control.

PencilBrush, (RM 89.90 Retail Price) is available at selected art store and stationary shop like Art Friend, The Gardens Midvalley & Venus Art & Stationery, No. 90, Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur and Cziplee in Bangsar. I'll update you more location of how you can own this fascinating tool to create wonderful artworks. You can also contact Bigbrosworkshop via email to purchase your order: info[at] or visit to place your order.

Meantime, checkout the video tutorials available at

Video Intro:

Photos from the workshop:

From left: Tintoy, Chunwoei & wife, Helen, Muid (me), Alex Tarusha, Euseng, Kenji, Shy (from JB),  Suki, Michael Chuah (sitting) & Lisa Lee (Liselle).


2 opinions :

Zool said...

Loving the pencilbrush video. Thanks for sharing! Any new work using this tool? I would love to see the outcome.

Muid Latif said...

Hi Zul, will do, once I'm free i'll let you know. I have few exercise uploaded in my facebook account 'Muid Latif'. Thanks for dropping by!