Friday, September 02, 2005

As Days Goes By (Part II)

Rangkapan Kata-kata untuk Kalian

Hatta, suatu ketika aku telah mengayakan kekhilafanku untuk menepati terma keegoan dan ketidakmatangan dalam erti kehidupan dan kerjayaku. Berulangkali aku bertindak terlalu emosional yang sedikit sebanyak memberi kesan seterusnya membentuk perwatakan pasif dan negatif yang senantiasa berbicara tentang perihal ketidaktenteram jiwa malah hasrat hati dalam menitik corak kerjayaku.

Namun, masa telah dihembus bayu bagaikan awan di langit yang biru. Aku mengerti akan warna kehidupan dan takdir yang perlu dinilai secara positif. Aku sedar akan iltizamku. Hari ini, aku memulakan langkah yang pesat untuk membentuk corak baru dalam lapangan kehidupanku, suatu pengajian yang baru yang mengalir seperti sungai , yang akan mengisi diriku dengan seribu satu ilmu. Hari ini juga, aku mahu mengubah persoalan kredibiliti aku sebagai seorang seniman dan juga ahli reka interaktif di suatu ‘daerah’ yang pernah membina kematangan dan pengalaman kerjayaku.

Aku kini percaya akan jari-jemariku dan permainan minda yang akan terus kekal kreatif yang akan membantu menyelesaikan permasalahan komunikasi visual. Aku ingin meneruskan destinasiku ini sebagai hamba yang mencipta, memberi dan menyumbang terhadap kemajuan budaya maya dan kehidupan rohani dan jasmani. Insya’Allah.


Back in those days!
Watching US Top 100 Billboard on Channel [V] yesterday reminded me of our dear Paula Malai Ali. This is the conversation I had with her on Channel [V] shootin'.

Paula Malai Ali & Muid Latif

Muid: Hey there, glad to see you here. (Abby was next to me)
Paula: Ouh, hello there.
Muid: I enjoy watching your show at Filusic in RTM Channel 2.
Paula: No, that's not me. That's my sister.
Muid: Oh.. you're Paula. Sorry, i thought you're Jenny :P
Paula: (Looked at me and go like 'deyme')

I had the worst conversation every with her :P. Well, after that I paid to see her once in Actors Studios and attend a charity benefit in KLCC (if I'm not mistaken). She musta-been like: 'duh.. Jenny is much famous than me?!? '

We start 'giggling' and Abby just 'knock' on my head off. We had our pictures taken with our dearest sweet Paula. Paula, if you happen to visit this blog again, girl, I'm really sorry girl. ;P


Love Tried To Save Me

These are my hands, but what can they give me?
These are my eyes, but they cannot see
These are my arms, but they don't know tenderness
And I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness
And loneliness has never been a stranger to me, but

Love tried to welcome me
But my soul drew back
Guilty of lust and sin
Love tried to take me in

These are my lips, but they whisper sorrow
This is my voice, but it's telling lies
I know how to laugh, but I don't know happiness
And I must confess, instead of spring, it's always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter, but still

Love tried to welcome me
But my soul drew back
I was covered with dust and sin
Love tried to take me in
Love tried to break me

And I must confess, instead of spring, it's always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter, but still.

Heart is one of the precious organs in our body. It’s funny how we are (Malay) translate it. It should be called ‘Jantung’, but instead, we call it liver (‘Hati’). I got shot by a cupid before, it was this year indeed. I felt so alive and contented. But I know somehow it will hurt me someday. But facing it has been the greatest challenge. Here’s what few of my dear friend advice me:

Abby: it’s up to you
Gaby: just forget about it sometimes, try not to think about it.
Daniel: It won’t last forever, no need to
Aniq: I have no single friends
Nonny: Yeah, right!
Shieko: Don’t worry
Perez: Dia busy kot. Give time :)
Awan: dalam hati ada perasaan. dalam perasaan lahirlah jiwa. dalam jiwa ada cinta, dalam cinta ada segala-galanya.
Azril: You want to meet up for a drink? we can talk about it..

A lot of them concern about me. Sometimes I got so emotional, afraid to let it go. When my heart is trying to keep love far from distance, somehow it won’t work. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the things we love the most. It’s a risk we must take. I remember reading ‘Tuesday with Morrie” and how the author describe about compassion and ‘buying’ thing. I just found out that I’m buying ‘love’ but I’m unsure about really happy of the ‘product’. Let’s just wait and see if my sayang would read this and see what my sayang thinks about it. Where are you? I miss u sayang. Please SMS me :)

Work updates
I've been intensively upgrade my skillset in flash & PHP, hence I had achieved much positive result. It's always been so good to be able to learn something new. This month I will be sorting out my portfolio and revamp 50% of (.ml - moedlatif) content and interactivity. I'm also currently upgrading DMP:2006 with new look-n-feel, it's going to be very fascanating as I had revamped the whole site and looking forwards for more content-improvement and much interactivity. In fact, I want to get back more traffic, since it's been passive for a year, because we, DMP Collective @ Did'jital Nu'santara have been actively participating in many local and South East Asia exhibitions and talk. Not to mention, I had a wonderful time at The One Academy (Final Year Multimedia student's) presentation and assesment. Nice meeting Jason from NagaDDB Malaysia. Thousand appreciation goes out to Sweii, for such a great company and the gift. Also, would like to thank DesignTaxi for credit-ing my name in their portal. It was nice meeting you guys!

I would like to congratulate both of my senior friend, Apai & Anajin for their new born baby. God bless you guys with all the best things in life :)

I heard about iDN DesignEdge2005 conference that will be in hold in Singapore this 11-13 November. I hope I can come there, and meet all of my Asian friends from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines & Australia. Hey, thanks to Illustration Mundo for featuring my illustration work.

* where is that dancefloor...?

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awan said...

dalam hati ada perasaan. dalam perasaan lahirlah jiwa.

dalam jiwa ada cinta, dalam cinta ada segala-galanya.