Thursday, September 15, 2005

It’s Magic!

Wahai tangan yang diberi, tangan untuk menarikan kayu hikmat,
Wahai mata yang mampu melihat, mencari dan menerokai,
Wahai minda yang mampu mencipta, mencari dan melahirkan keindahan,
Wahai yang Maha Esa, berikanlah kami ilham dan kesabaran agar kami dapat berkarya.

Generating creativity and excellence in the past two weeks has been such a tremendous experience. To be able to work with highly talented team, most of all great leadership with full of positive mind-set and always, to be able to think outside the box.

Taken in a different perspective, it was a great ‘margin’ growth for me (in terms of my skillets), where I was able to create something far than I can expect in such a short period. Nevertheless, the people I work in this period of time has been such great company which I was once worked with them in 2001. Like Rashidin* said, ‘Baaaiiikkk punya!’ (means ‘verrryy good!’).

* Rashidin, is an ‘Otai’ (Master conceptualist) in XM as well as the whole creative team.

Now that I’m hanging out with Yunus, I’m gonna be injected with Adidas shoes and latest gears, which I find it verrry shagging baby, yeah! I’m finally buying a lomo camera from Faizal Reza. Wishing him the best of luck! (hope to be safe in his back-packing tour in Europe).

The Caring Dan,
Being such a great motivator, he’s a great company and always provides me with those FYI facts in instant (like hotspot lah…), yep, that’s my brother, Daniel. He has been ‘injecting’ me with positive way to stay healthy, In fact, he loves to give advices on food and he cooks great! Since I hang out with him, I managed to gain 2kg, with ‘upgraded’ parts of my body muscle grown as positive result of my workout, hoorey! Now, that Kanye West workout plan really works :P
He’s very much concern about me and very kind enough to send me off to work and call me up everyday just to check on my condition (due to my cold breakup).

I gotta tell ya’all how wonderful Ulu Yam is! Beautiful panorama view of the lake and the waterfall is just nyze! It’s refreshing and freakin’ chillin’. Me and Daniel went there last week and have our skin soak in the fresh water.

When it’s over
The hardest decision in my life has finally been made. There are no regrets, just like Robbie Williams sang in his song. I can’t afford to catch-up on this cold long distance relationship, it’s killing me, especially here in my heart, but it’s not the end of the world! I stayed positive, I’m much stronger. It’s about time I move on.

That's me, 2001 baby!

Moving On
Talk about moving on, I have the privillage to be one of the 8th Philippines Web Awards final judges (again, yeay!) with among the best judges around, from Inksurge, to Drew Europeo, to Carole of Netdiver, Joshua Davis and many great idols.

I got major revamp of my design skillset, I feel it and it's becoming more positive, although at some freaking time I can get uninspired and bloody-work-emo. But it's cool. I will be spending my time meeting my dearest friend Noni who's in KL now and will be at my brother's house this weekend to play PS2: Prince of Persia, Warrior Withn. Yeay!

Now, for laugh and giggle, listen me singing a verse of Anthony Hamilton's Since I've Seen You (here). Muid pandai nyanyi gak la.... kuang-kuang-kuang...

* wasn't my last dance at the club with Dan last week, yeay! wanna dance few more.

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