Monday, October 24, 2005

Focusing on the right decision

We wonder and think about how complex it would be when it comes on choosing the right decision on what we plan to have in our life. However, what we never consider for the first five second is what we really want and what we need. It comes a time our mind was too clouded with temptation that drives us, at the end, taking the wrong step and decision. Then there’s ‘I should have bought this instead of this one’.

Last week, I had numerous of ‘possessions’ over few items I plan on buying and I couldn’t decide what I really want and needed. First, it was the Adidas shoe (Nice black half-shell toe), then it was the portable MP3 player (iPod Video), then the mobile phone (Sony Ericsson), followed by the idea of getting a watch (Seiko) after having a work-breakdown-mood in my room. My mind got so messed up, I got so stressed so I decided to go for some mind-relaxing time at Berjaya Time Square for almost two hours. As I got there, I passed by few store and abruptly remember what happen three days before in KLCC where my officemate bought an Adidas jacket & t-shirt worth over RM1,000.
So, I was thinking, am I really up to that level of enthusiasm? What is it with me? Why do I have to buy lifestyle culture and since when I start to care what people think of how I look? I guess I have to refuse. I drove back home and passed by the houses and seen all these kids and family walking along the sidewalks and living a normal life. They was never bothered of brand (But surprisingly they are so crazy over local reality shows like Akademi Fantasia).
I think it’s time for me to focus on my decision and think about long term. I don’t need to buy it just because people ask you or encourage you to buy it. I really can’t hope for that ‘magic card’ I still carry around in my wallet. It scares me. So, this upcoming Raya, I’m getting a mobile phone (Sony Ericsson) because I’ve been borrowing my little brother’s mobile phone for over two month. It’s something that I feel I really need. Anyway, since I’m going to Singapore next month for iDN, it’s an opportunity to get myself an iPod Nano in Singapore. And why is that? Apple Malaysia charges more than RM200 for Nano (here, it’s RM969) compared to the price in Singapore which is around RM750. I will still have to sell out my iPod Shuffle (there are few interested individual who I’m counting on). I think of it this way; buy the most necessary stuff I want and need slowly without having to get everything on the plate. Gosh, why does everything have to be this month anyway?

Two Saturday Evenings (Caution, my blog uses foul language)

The last two weeks I had was such an amiable journey. The month of Ramadhan has always been an interesting month. In actual fact, I had obtained new things, new perspective in idea development, creativity and above all, the bona fide truth that somewhat I never considerate in my life.

On the evening of 15th of October, Shieko, Orkibal, Sona, Drew (Apek), Tha-B and his girlfriend and I spend our Ramadhan breakfast at McDonald’s Awan Besar (along KESAS highway In Selangor-Kuala Lumpur). The clouds were in ‘sour times’. But that doesn’t stop us from our usual monthly gathering (now added weekly!). We had plenty of delicious ‘Grilled Chicken Fold over’, ‘McChicken’ and other lip-smacking meals from McDonalds (It was the great Ramadhan buffet, where you only pay RM18 Ringgit for countless of meals).

We spent times talking about our art works, creative issues, endless jokes and of course, controversial topics related to the “Malaysia Graffiti scene”. As some of you would figure, there has been a major ‘plagiarism’ made by a local ‘artist’ who fought against Asia’s renown street from Singapore. I found this case was very pitiful. Next!

Now, on the 22nd of October (which is last Saturday), there had been another great ‘buka puasa session’ (gathering) for our Ramadhan breakfast (or in Arab, we call it as ‘Iftar’, thanks Bayah!) at Restoran Selera Kampung nearby Sogo, Kuala Lumpur. This time, the crowd is much larger. We we’re invited by COA (Children of Art) for this occasion (correct me if I’m wrong). Besides COA, The ordinary guys to be seen on the gathering is non-other than Shieko, Orkibal, Rooty, Afro Meow, Mr. Arul, Akira, Zul & his friend. We had such a great time, with jokes and hear a lot of unexpected stories, gossips and stuff. I guess it’s all paid off after working earlier that day. There’s always hard work, and pleasure at the end of the day.

The meeting didn’t just finish there. We continue our giggles and sketching-session in A&W Restaurant, just 3 shops away from the place we left. Since it’s getting late, we wrap up with cigarettes and read few ‘wisdom visuals’ from the magazine PLAY brought by Orkibal. I went back with Orkibal by LRT Star. Anyway, the black-dressed girl who sits besides me was really ‘inspiring’ in the train. We got of the same station and left Orkibal to another station. Wonder if I ever bump into her?

Illustrated by Shieko, colored by Muid.
Illustrated by Shieko, colored by Muid.

By the way, have you guys watched Final Fantasy? It’s just breath-taking. What can I say, it’s just blow your mind away. I’m waiting for Samurai Champloo (season two) which I believe to be will release by end of this year. So much to see, yet so little time.

My recent sketch of Papa Afro & interpretation of Miss Rooty’s character
My recent sketch of Papa Afro & interpretation of Miss Rooty’s character (Jangan marah Anna!)

Where Shall Thou Art ‘Twelve Years’ from now?

I’ve been taught arts for over seven years (including at my high school, form 4 & form 5). I mean, I had the privilege learning arts under the wings Prof. Ramlan Abdullah, Prof. Zakaria Ali, Prof. Tajuddin, Yussof Ghani, Shukri, Jailani Abu Hassan, Prof. Zuraika, Dr. Muliyadi, Prof. Ponirin Amin (Gosh, so many Professors) and other great masters in local arts scene, but seldom claim myself as an Artist, yet prefer to be called myself a Designer. As the matter of fact, I love being a designer. I never argue or have the impudence to protect my work with arts and philosophy or terms because it’s sometimes deceiving. I like to talk and discuss on real facts, what has influenced my artwork which I frequently relate to culture and experience, not by wisdom or quote of artists. I just feel that it there only to support in terms of documentation or writing a thesis. I prefer not to use art education or education as a weapon to attack people’s artwork or to protect myself. (Well, some people I’ve met like to abuse education and use it as a weapon). I hope some of you be able to avoid this kind of inaccuracy and strive to stay positive when accepting muddle that you had created.

Today I’ve undeniably learn something really exceptional. I feel that art comes not only by reading but most important by practicing. Only by practical, an artist can reflect themselves in their artwork, not just by saying or criticism. Always see, look, explore, think, generate and create an action. Write down our ideas and inspiration visually, because that’s where real arts come into us. Not just by reading books and expect that we can create an artwork out of it. What do you guys think? Comments are welcome.

To The one I once called ‘lover’

Love was never gone, but only hidden; I break the silence for the past seven years until the word ‘adequate’ retort. I don’t fancy you any longer. You were never meant to lighten up my life. The truth was you only care to indignant people around you, which you are good at, Just another moon river; you are a falsehood, a heart breaker.

Tatkala hidup amat sukar bila ku renungkan kembali kisah yang indah dibawah yang pernah membahagiakan diriku. Hari berganti hari, kita masih naïf terhadap suatu kepastian yang akhirnya membawa diri kita kepada ketewasan jiwa. Kini yang ku lihat hanya serpihan rohani yang lusuh, memakan diri dan masa. Namun. aku tetap mengambil jarum kehidupan dan menjahitkan kembali satu persatu hati dan jiwaku agar pada suatu hari ada datangnya cinta yang tulus ikhlas dari insan yang benar-benar menghargai dan memahami erti ikatan tanpa dihimpit keraguan dan kesangsian.

* what a feeling…the aroma of fresh morning breeze coming from the window in this room makes me so feel so tranquil.

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dannyFoo said...

Hey Muid, I too want a new phone. T_T

Anyway, i think out of all. That was for the best because to us, our phones are our life in one gadget. It's you family, your work and your getaway. ;) So hope you enjoy it. What phone anyway?

I too had to make a decision between an LCD and iPod coz Dad wanted to get my graduation pressie. *grin*

I got the LCD coz for work and didn't have a monitor when I got back. :)

Cheers and take care man.