Thursday, October 13, 2005

Those Hectic Days

I’ve never been busy my entire life. But for the past two weeks has truly challenged me of who I am, as a creative thinker. I’d produced twenty design mocks for 4 days. There’s a lot of things happened for the past two weeks after my return from Bangkok. Currently I’m reading ‘Trading Up’ by Candace Bushnell. Don’t be surprised! It’s great. Never felt better after reading the slow ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell. I think ‘The Tipping Point’ is much better.

iDN Design Edge 2005

I had the privillage to go with my creative team to DesignEdge this November. I'm meeting up my friends like Killergerbil, ARTVST, Roger Tan, Bigbros workshop, Junkflea, and other Indonesia designers. COA, 84Cube and other great Malaysian designers. It's the gathering for creative! yeay!

Kini Hanya Buaian Mimpi

Bila mimpi pudar,
Jiwaku lusuh pergi dari tirai kamar,
Cinta yang dulu kutemui berpisah semula,
Memakan masa mengantikan hari-hari hitam,
Namun cahaya kini tinggal pudar,
Yang kubawa hanya titisan air mata,
biarpun azam agar terus mekar,
aku masih mencari cebisan hatiku yang terluka.

Soulguy, finally! been waiting for this for so long. Thanks for writing such a beautiful song. 'Fantasi Sebuah Cinta' by Adibah Noor is something extra-ordinary unique, promosing work I ever heard from you. Cheers bro!

Adibah, thanks for the lovely conversation. It was a great honour to finally talk to you. Hope I can contribute my creativity in your future production years to come.
"Sememangnya Adibah Noor teristimewa" - Sultan Muzaffar.

To my friends, those two are my brilliant respectful friends and wish you guys to find ways and opportunity to buy Adibah Noor's 'Yang Teristimewa' album, which is available at major record stores such as Tower Records for RM20. Let's support real talented artist and not wasted on Akademi Fantasia (sorry ya SM, harap tak ambil hati).

* jalan yang masih jauh.

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