Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Survial thingy

Keeping a job means survival. It also means do whatever it takes to earn for a living. A person would have to choose either to be in the right direction or the wrong and of course, in between. For example, being in positive direction means is to become a teacher and to have a negative career means selling drugs. In Thailand, prostitution is a legal career.

However, we need to clarify ourselves, what is the purpose of our career and what will the direction be in the future? It almost comes to whatever it takes to earn for living. I was amazed, disgusted and feel for what happen concerning the video my friend pass to me via email, showing how badly raccoons slaughtered while they are still breathing. All because of cosmetic demands, such beloved noble creature such as raccoon, become victim of human. I told my colleague that if I ever see the guy who slaughtered the raccoons, I’m going to ‘kill’ him. However, my friend told me that killing won’t solve anything, as he is also need to earn for living, which he has a point.

Sometimes, never that I thought to see anything around that bothers me other than my family, friends and work. Yes, there are sometimes that I would go and pay a visit to old folks home in Taman Melawati or attend charity or AIDS volunteering program but after seeing the horrible video, there are those out there who face much worst than I am, so I am thankful for that.

I know that we spent almost two years back then in Geelong, Victoria buying few kangaroo skin for home decorations. Without realizing today, my home has now seems to be free from any of that. I don’t see any kangaroo skin or sheep’s skin lying on the floor in our living room. If I do see it in future, I would kept it in our store (Je ne peux pas le brûler ou bien ma mère serait folle à moi!). I’m glad to use Body Shop range as it’s free from animal-test. I think we need to think and act intellectually about it. From this moment on, I would like to ensure that neither me or my friends or anyone around me should wear any animal skin if possible especially fur. If there's a way we can do it, we can start by spreading this awareness. Killing precious creatures is not the best way to go especially the contribution is for cosmetic. So you ladies, just make sure you don't..

You can request for the video, if you have the courage to see it. Just a precaution, make sure you had your lunch or you’re not munching anything in front of this blog in your computer. Terrible things might happen. You might loose your mood or appetite to eat.

Chances Are:

This picture, which I like, was taken by my dear friend who is now in South France. Gabby, thanks! (Click for hi-res). Skali tengok cam bertapa la pulak! cheh..

'Wish I wasn't, in love with you, so u can un-hurt me'. I always listen to this song sang by Heather Headley. It's nice. To you, my love, there are times we can forget things but the love we have wasn't just love, it was a life. This is the chance for both of us to prove to ourselves that we can make it, till the end. I'm lost without you again, and not to be able to see you again, it would be helpless. But stronger I get, and learn from my mistake, as well as yours, all it takes for us to communicate with each other, that what keeps the day upon us full of sunshine. Never walk out of my life again.

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kris said...

What's important is that we realise there are more important things in life than money. Jobs, money, cars, clothes, perfumes are all illusions.

Whereas doing the right thing to change the world, and to give, is everlasting.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we
give." —Winston Churchill

Single Mama! said...

i'm happy for you too bro! :)

thetoymaker said...

came across with your blog accidentally and was surprised to find out it was indeed a very interesting one. just cant help to drop a few words ;p
love your art stuffs...keep it up!