Monday, November 07, 2005

Farewell Ramadan, Welcome Syawal

Now that Ramadhan is over, there will be no more of money- saving for me and this month will be ‘an expensive’ month as I had almost spent my money for Raya (Eid Aidilfitri) preparation. Starting with car service, Raya ‘shopping’ (I hate that word) with nice t-shirts and clothes. Then I bought Adidas shoe (here we go again), ‘belanja’ (bought) Abby a pair of really nice MNG shoe, then The Body Shop line (yes, I’m getting old and need some skin-care as describe by my physician). I bought more supplement multivitamins and last but not least, I bought more of ‘barang dapur’ (grocery). I never thought buying grocery can be so expensive these days (well, actually depend on what you need), for RM60 spent on ‘lite’ food (which can only last 3-4 days) is really expensive, but to think that I usually top-up or reload my prepaid mobile with RM60 twice a month, I think it’s worth lah.

We had recently went back to Ipoh & Batu Gajah, Perak with my family back to our hometown. Thought of having an open house, but I forgot that this entire week, I will be in Singapore for iDN DesignEdge conferrence. I will be continuing my DMP revamp for the entire month. I don’t want to talk a lot on office work, God knows why. More than 50 mocks produced in just one month. To me, it's a great practice.

For 'other' side of the story of my Raya, kindly proceed to my sister's blog.

Self-improvement (again)

I’m converting myself
as a 'vegetarian' starting this month, as a result of Gaby (My French dearest friend) taught me how to make French Salad. I’m making and eating as much salad as I can (I once hate anything green on my food) and eat less ‘red meat’ as possible. I like the Arabian Salad at Food Court, KLCC. It’s nice. Talk about KLCC, last Saturday we had our breakfast (Iftar) at KLCC. The usual cast are SWS (with Ewas, finally!), Rooty & Zul, Perez & Emma, Yadd, Iki & SamWise. And I just had visited Sona / Mika's Open House in PJ with such nice makan-makan, along all his mat salleh uncles and aunty speaking French. Haha...

I bought few books and magazines, including ‘Learning French Audio CD’ which currently ‘invaded’ my iPod (besides the marvelous Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Kelly Price, Melly Goeslow and Adibah Noor). Walking everyday now and then with ‘Berlitz: Rush Hour Express French’. It’s really effective and will buy Japanese & Italian soon. Oui! As ya’all* know, Apple is facing another lawsuit from it’s consumer for iPod Nano, so I’m not planning to buy new iPod anytime soon. If ONLY I have extra budget, I would rather just buy the new iPod video (where I can enjoy watching Samurai Champloo Season 2 on-the-move) which I might be getting it somewhere in December or January next year together with the nicely-designed Seiko Chronograph watch which I had been eyeing for the last two weeks (and I know it’s the watch I can afford to buy*).

*In American-African tone / expression

The Magic Mind

I already began my research on Islamic Rug design and ceramic design for my new artworks for 2006. You guys might wanna check out few great new book releases at the Gift shop of Islamic Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, I got an upcoming art show this 28th of November where I will showcase my web installation series (digital print on canvas) and my new mix media artwork for sale. Another side income I have to make in order to help my family (especially my sister Aniq who’s getting married this December). I hope I will participate and submit more works to magazines such as Juice, KLue, Play (Singapore) and Territory 5. Everytime I hang out with Orkibal, Shieko, almost the entire SWS team, I felt very inspired and envy, that they all can do great characters and can come up with brilliant ideas. I love hanging out with them, you'll get more creative and think out of the box. Can't wait to see the ARTVST team in Singapore. Which remind me to call up Suzane of Izu Gallery to assist me on canvas.

The new look for Raya / End Year 2005

I’m now back in my botak (bald) look, I want to keep it this way lah. It’s been so hard to manage a hair, plus I get to save my money on ‘Minyak Rambut’, Hair Gel and stuff).

Have you try the personally test?

I was given the opportunity to become the Final Judges (for the 2nd time) for the Philippines 6th Web Awards along other top super guru’s such as Joshua Davis, Carole Guevin, Drew Europeo and the rest, so I found out one great community portal which have this interesting personality test. I got 6 points and it’s worth trying. Anyway, you guys can start voting for cool & great websites over PWA official site.


About My Blog

First of all, I don’t really like writing this, but I need to justify myself in my own blog. I’m just seeing a lot of true colors of people lately. Sometimes it can be quite offensive to talk about people. I just want to make this blog as a part of my virtual place to meditate and express myself. However, there has been few temper tantrum visitors who express ‘negative comments’ about my attitude or my personal life. This blog had been created to express myself what I feel to write and what I like to have because I own this. Critics I most welcome is that I love to accept anyone giving me motivation, tips, improving my writing (especially my spellings and grammar mistakes).

So, having said that, I decided to remove my ‘Shoutbox’. It’s useless to see such person ‘abuse’ technologu. You see, bangsa lain bagi ucapan ‘Salam Raya’ (Like Caryn, Chris Goh, & My dear friends like Godot, Deheart, Awan and the rest. Yang Melayu tu tak habis-habis khianat bangsa sendiri. Never ending ‘Your Wrong, I’m Right battle’ la kan. Sometimes I don’t even know why the waste their time reading my blog if they found my blog is annoying to them, why they keep coming back? Look, there are thousand of creative out there made it well and of course, much more successful than I am, and I’m glad to learn from them and be a part of them, I got lots of things to catch up and still learning. I have the privilege to become someone who had inspired the new generation of designers. So if you said my work is not important, honey, believe me, it’s really important. Most important is that for you to keep up with me either my life is like cats and dogs or sunny days; I’m all good and fine. I get paid for what I do and a part from that; I channel my experience to the new generation for the better future careers. At least, it all paid of as few did email me and thank for giving them something to share. So to these haters, doesn’t mean you work in some big agency or some big production house, doesn’t mean you can talk cock like you’re the 10 years of expert, action speaks louder than words, dude. If you have the balls (or pusshy), prove not only to me, but to the youngsters out there that you’re not f*cking scared to channel and share your knowledge and experience to others. Tak elok kedekut ilmu. Another thing, pick on your own size la kan. For example, jangan la you drive Hyundai ke, Kia or Toyota ke, nak berlumba dengan Proton Saga or Perodua Kancil kan? Itu namanya looser.

Anyway, I’m not really mad, just want to let some of you visitors know what’s going on. From today on, I will talk more about sharing ideas & experiences. Banyak sikit pahala dari dengar/layan orang yang dah tentu tak tenteram hidup menyakitkan hati aku nih. Hampeh.

Now, this blog is officially under >disclaimer<.


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zamdee said...

hahahaha, caya lah bro..
biasak ar tuh sumer, syebuk punya hal, mmg Malay suka..

for them, maybe u r glemer than Mawi or Daniel, thats y they all sumer jeles, hahaha..

apa2 pun, keep up the good work bro, itu yg penting.. yg lelain, pegi MAM..

*cosmic freak* said...

erk ... panjanggggggg nyeeeeee....

hehehehe ....

thanks for the MNG highcut sneakers!!!! rasa bangga giler apabila memakainya!!!

awan said...

muid, kalau orang lain tak suka dengan apa yang kita tulis or buat, that's their problem.

utk kita, kebebasan maya ini infiniti. tiada batas.

Single Mama! said...

Bro.. frankly... I REALLY SALUTE U!! Bravo bro!!

dannyFoo said...

Taking blogging into a serious note ey? :) can't wait to see what you come up with muid.


beck said...

samurai champloo second season dah kuar? kek mana cari ek?