Monday, January 02, 2006

Hello 2006! A Blessful New Starting

I must admit today I felt so life-shifted! love what happenned yesterday. Yet I'm excitied to see what good things or bad things will be in place for today and tomorrow. I clearly made a new pray, a new vow for my ownself. New resolution has already coming in my life, adapting slowly and smoothly in my heart, mind, body and soul. 2006 will be an amazing year for me, to upgrade and regenerate more productivity of me, and also the whole family. I hope to get more friends, to communicate more and read more! haha.. yeay..that's a lot of work, but ain't no mountain high baby. Work hard and smart to find your success, takes courage and risk and it's all I have to take and to be prepared.

Shall thou dance?
Starting with Arty Party, 'the ceti buat tarian Banghra' was a successful screening. If it wasn't for Children of Art & Galleriizu, me & Perez won't find any chance to showcase our fresh from the oven new video art, one of the most rare ever project we had collaborated. It seems that the feedback was entirely postive, except of me! haha... most of them told that I look like some Indian uncle who's about to collect money (Indian shark-loan) dancing happy to get money yeah! It was quite an impact cause everyone start coming and do that triple-error movement in front of me. If we had shoot our video on a projector, it will be more impact! But that's all right cause the message that we want to deliver fully achieved. New work coming your way, but first, few proper documentation need to be done to make sure we got all work sailin' smooth. Video will be up shortly....


I would like to cheers to some of my closest friends and mentors:
I got more list of friends which I will be update from time to time.

DMP Collective:
thanks for putting your courage and effort. It's your show, and always be proud of what you are capable of.
Shiekocan, you had been a major influence and mentor in my life. For your love, sincerity and creativity. Arigato!
Abby, you have been a good sister, and a friend. Thanks for all your courage and advice to keep me back on track. It takes time for me to heal, butI'm sure good things will come in my life. So pray for me.
Riz, you had been one cool kickass brother! God bless u and your family.
Alfred, when it comes to Flash, you're my master! Thanks for promoting me KENT too. It helps me quit smoking slowly and effectively.
Yadd, the most gifted master of Photoshop, that I adore and respect. Thanks!

Friends of Street Arts:
Orkibal, ko memang rawk! bakat yang boleh pegi jauh kat planet Pluto.
Drew & Sona, a love the way you guys work together. All of you are great aerosol masters!
Rooty & Zul, dearest friends yang blur and cool!
Tha-B & wifey, korang memang best and sempoi., you have one of the extraordinary gift and talent. You need to polish your leadership so your group can be more cool and creative :)


Killer @ Lut,
ko sememangnya artist yang supercool and funny. I never stop laughing whenever you start making your jokes.
Phuek, thanks for being a nice fella almost all the time.
Sue, dearest funkiest gurl I can spent time talking about shoppin' in Singapore!
Zero, always gasp or ternganga mulut/mouth whenever I see your work in sketchbook or when you start doing your grafitti.
The rest of ARTVST, thanks for welcoming us.

Friends from the industry:
thanks for the big support. You are truely one of the nicest person I met, and God knows how to thank you for all the support you gave to us.
thanks for the passion and giving us the chance. I admire your effort and courage. Tak de orang boleh buat to the extand of what you can do. You are gifted!
Gary Chin, glad to have you around as a cool web designer. Always stay focus on what you are doing and add it up with passion.
Ika & BJ, korang memang dedicated dengan work. I'm sure you are all getting better and better.
Danny Foo, you are one cool guy who's so crazy about W3C. All the best and brightest future ahead.
Azril, I might be a freak but we all freaks baby! yeay!
Shamser Gill, thanks for keeping me motivated when I felt I left out of things.
Kak Emi, my dearest pet sister, I love you and miss you!
Andrew / iblog, thanks for frequent chats and supporting us
Faizal Riza, a friend who always supporting my group.
Yunus, thanks for the advice. You help me a lot of stuff especially the Adidas shoes! haha..
Faizal Reza, ko memang cikgu yang rawk! woohoo!
Rashidin, the person who taught me alot of things in my career and sayur.
Azlan Abu Hassan @ Soulguy, thanks for the beautiful melodies.
Adibah Noor, thanks for the encouraging words.
Yasmin Ahmad, teruja dan flattered for acknoledging DMP.
Noni, ko hanya seorang sahaja true friends yang kekal contact dengan aku hingga ke hari ini. Persahabatan engkau dan keiklasan kau tak dapat terucap. Semoga Yang Esa memberkati hidupmu berdua.
Awan Putih, sememangnya ko memberi aku satu buah fikiran yang segar.
Isma Yusoof, ko memang cool and gifted. Ada style. Much respect!
Suzanne, Thanks so much. let's work more to help our emerging artists and designers in Malaysia!
Jaesern, J, thanks for the pixel crash course, you are definately a true pixel artist!
Hazim, you help very much too!
Zamdee, a regular visitor, thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
SingleMama, one fine strong girl I've met. Continue your hardwork!


This time is funkidelicously kreeayyt-if

This would be another cool event I will be doing, collaborating with Children of Art, BigbrosWorkshop and Galleriizu to come up with extraordinary event, which features a competition for Malaysian Best Website Awards via Digital Malaya Project (DMP). I'm trying to get more sponsors and people to help this prestigous event. Let say keep our prayers for good things to come ;)

Photos and video will be up on this blog soon, so stay tune for updates pupils!

"You think that you are strong, but you are weak, You'll see,
It takes more strength to cry, admit defeat.
I have truth on my side,
You only have deceit
You'll see, somehow, someday"

- Dianne Warren

* it's time for triple-error movement dance! yeehah!

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dannyFoo said...

Muid, thanks for the mention. :) Well, I'm not all that crazy. Just hoping Malaysians would take standards a little more seriously. ;)

I'll try to lend whatever hand I have still left empty if you need an aid with your collab or the project. You know where I am.


awan said...

terima kasih kerana terus berjaya di ruang maya, dan di dunia manusia.

Muid Latif said...

Thanks guys. You guys had always been here to keep me felt more stronger and confident. So cheers to all! :)

Faizal Riza said...

Nasib baik nama aku ada Muid, Anyway i memang support DMP walau di mana Anda berada Good Job Bro...

Shieko said...

psst , psssst,.....
mentor is a big word for me...
saya suka 'guru tadika'...
pretty plz....

Dida said...

yeah happy new year to u too dear fren. Hope evrything will go smooth this year. :)