Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Work Updates:

It's official! Video Art: B0dYMuvment_v1

Exclusive public release of our experimental video art which will be featured in some shows which will be announce soon. Thanks to Phon0 for giving us the permission for the stunning audio. Click on the screenshot to see (Recommended Quicktime Player). Version 2 is currently under progress for awards entry. So guys, please support us! :) Mucho gracias.

Digital Malaya Project (DMP) had been listed in 'Web Design Index By Content,' a book by Gunter Beer. Available at Kinokuniya, KLCC.

In The Press:

I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Ms. Diyanah Anuar for acknowledging us, me and Perez in iKON, Berita Harian newspaper on the 7th of January 2006. Finally, a Malay newspaper keen enough to mention our work rather than Utusan Malaysia (The editor in the Literature section in Utusan seems not so confident enough to support local coverage on digital arts). I remember theStar gave me a full spread features back in 2002. So much for Malay newpaper huh? Read it here. Thanks to Aneem for the postup. U rawk girl!

ex2 : v.1, a digital art exhibition @ Galleriizu, 7th of February 2006.

This will be Malaysia first ever Digital Art Exhibition which also pays tribute to Malaysia's visionary of Digital Art master, Ismail Zain. The event will also features most of Malaysia's best 7 Masters / group from Digital Art World, including Tan Jin Ho, and groups from Arachnid, Blink Media, Digital Malaya Project and more. USEAGAIN Asia will also be featured in ex2 : v1.

Visit Galleriiizu's blog to keep yourself updated. Have you guys watch Memoirs of Geisha? How bout a spoof done by my-all-life-favorite, MadTV with Bobby Lee! Mr. Broooowwwn! Click here to view.

p/s: some said the previous post I wrote sound so 'sad'. Actually I'm not in any 'emo ' mood at all, just something to share cause I do need to justify to some people about something. :)

2 opinions :

02dayang said...

i guess we will be expecting more from v.2 right? clean cut editing...the mood and the colors are very pure. which i think that's what you opt for...
nicely done..

Shieko said...

my quicktime cant play the mp4....ada mp3 version?