Monday, July 03, 2006

Dovrebbero rimanere gli stessi, creativo come sono.

Set in this very pleasant yet calm atmosphere in my workplace, here I am working, surfing, designing, checking and writing emails, appointment with clients, internal meetings and sometimes do few doodles (sketches) whenever God gave me the inspiration. I am in the late 20’s and I just realized one thing. I’m still doing the things I like most, which is art & design. I made it through those cloudy* days and I’m still climbing up those mountains, at least just to get a view of what’s down beneath me. It’s the days where I was once a sculptor, to a web designer, to a graffiti artist, to an interactive designer and now, a creative consultant. But what does the future hold for me? What is the definition of security in the mind of a designer? How can we find ways to be more mature, yet still have the passion?

Sanyen, a friend of mine from (if)interactive pointed out something that triggers my rational argument. Why most of Malaysian designer’s lifespan is so midstream (short)?

I can’t answer to all. However, I do know what keeps me going is to set variety and versatility in our talents, put more courage, passion and enthusiasm to be more than just an ordinary creative person. I have to work harder, get more enemy in order to get strong competitive so that I grow and learn from my mistakes. Designers should think positive and compare to one another, not to put down on someone or take away person self-esteem, but learn to inspire. As long as I live, I will never stop doing what truly makes me happy. I won’t regret being a designer because we are unique and gifted. What separates us is how we see things. How we adapt things and how we provide solutions to solve problem in a visual communication. We face the same issue all over the world, we faced the same client but what is our expectation? Are we becoming too superficial in terms of design and perfectionist? Do we need to educate our clients? Or do we need to remain focus, patience and give alternative, so both and win in any situation. A word is to enjoy, appreciate and acknowledge of ourselves. Be proud and be humble and this way, you will be a great leader, a person with positive thinking and always continue to support to whatever things that matters. “Don’t fall in love with your job! Fall in love with your passion and interest”.

From the Land of Koala & Kangaroo

Last weekend, I had the chance to meet and speak to few noted creative people at the ‘Japan Fever’ event in Galleriiizu, Kuala Lumpur (Thanks Juan!). One of the great designers that I am able to meet and approach is Mr. Mike. For those who are not familiar with Urban Collective, U.C is one of strong-going portal from Australia, besides DesignIsKinky. Anyway, Mike and myself had both been developing a design portal, dedicated to support, promote and inspire young and emerging designers and artists out there. Though, some still keep up with me (Digital Malaya) although there are not much content to promote, however, we are always in the art & design scene. The only thing thing that do was choosing the path which wasn’t too smooth for me to handle (Interactive Advertising). Plus, I got too many things to focus, and I lost almost all of my interest at

Mike had pointed out few things (which of course he notice), makes me realized that DMP is 'sleeping', like it was never emerge successfully online. Why? It’s because I got out of hands. And the word indolent does exist whenever I open my Digital Malaya folder in my computer. I was too much chasing the big bucks and those makes me kill my passion. I had too much involved in exhibition, performances, events and others to name. So, how do I get DMP going back on track? Strategy is definitely formulated, and I hope my new spirit can bring back DMP back like those glory days.

There isn’t much portal in Malaysia that support and promote design like what Digital Malaya did”, - Mike,

Mike, thank you for the motivation you carried to me. You had made me realized that I can still go with this, and I hope I can continue to support the design scene, especially Malaysia. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to give my thousand appreciation to all who had kindly supporting me, my work, DMP throughout the years. You guys really inspired me to keep on going. God bless all.

p/s: Can't wait to go to Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, for the next two weeks.


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