Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things Just Happen: The Look of...

Shot by Koi & Madfozi. Enhanced by ;-)

Small careless thing can be done by a person. I was heading my way to Adobe World Asia 2006 (Hilton, KL) and a mile away from KL Sentral, my small precious car once again got hit by a Honda Civic (the mid 90’s). Entirely his fault due to his careless, one, for talking on the phone, two, driving fast when you know you’re caught in a traffic jam. The highway, as usual congested with vehicles normally from 8.30 to 9.30 on the Desa Petaling / Taman Seputih after the MRR2 Cheras Tol. Well, to kill time, this bugger hand over 200 bucks and I told him I have to rush to some place else, meantime exchanging namecards and record his vechicle number. My car, wasn’t in any serious damage, surprisingly to be hit by a Japanese-made car, his (that uncle) car happen to receive few damages including broken glass (lamp) and others. Kira kereta Kancil kuat jugak lah besinya. Again, there goes my money. I’m going to Sabah this Friday (tomorrow) and hopefully Abby can help me out by sending the car to the workshop. Her ‘upah’ will be paying her Internet bills ;-).

The forbidden love affair?

Love is a crazy game. In fact, I have gone mad about what I stand for in my relationship. Do I truss to stay? Or I can no longer carry the burden of commitment? If what I feel is heaven, I am forever granted with affection and joy, but if it’s hell I’m breathing in this lung, I will be disheartened without your presence. To you, who haunt my soul, I am too diligent surviving my fervor, so forgive me. I wonder if I can ever get things right, with you, because we are both fanatical.

Never forget, work updates!

My ‘afronuesantara’ is commissioned by KLue, Starbucks and DiGi and we (Shieko & Melissa Chan of DMP Collective) will be exhibiting our works in 5 selected booth at 5 different location of Starbucks in Klang Valley. For those who are interested to check out this event, including live performance by my favourite female vocalist, Mia of Double Take, Qings & Kueens and others, be sure to visit this site for further info.

Digital Malaya Project season two is back! Be sure to pass around and support DMP. Spead around and this will help me to help all of the young creative to grow. Also, I will be appearing in a reality show hosted by a trusted friend for Channel 9. Also, will be involve in the upcoming launch of Isma Yusoof website. So, again, busy man indeed.

p/s: Don't we all 'vain' once in our life?

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