Monday, July 24, 2006

Working too hard?

Two cups of ginseng tea, 4 bottles of Red Bull and Nescafe Latte won’t help me much enough. It’s been two weeks where I was put in a very hectic situation, but yet this is the work that I want to do. And I’m enjoying it ;-)

This week will be my most active week, as I got tons of major duper whooper works need to be done, from a one gigabyte 150 dpi print for a backdrop, to a reality TV show this week. Photo featured above was taken by our noted photographer, Ted Adnan and working side by side are Josh Lim, Riz Ainuddin and me.

Do You Know?
The three of us work under the same company called MotionWorks, a web agency and Intecture, an architect and interior design-based company located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Josh and Muid both freelance once before in a company called Earthmedia. The three of us had the privilege once again to work together for a reality TV show on Channel 9.

To Those Who Are Beloved By God Al-Mighty
Though we all have our daily lives to face head upon us, let us not forget what the Israel did to innocent people of the middle east. It's even more sad to see the editors and reporters in Malaysia are too excited to cover stories about our entertainment industry (Siti & Datuk K) rather to let more Malaysian know whats truly going on in today's world. Read more on what's going on with Anderson Cooper. Don't forget to vote over CNN website:

CNN is doing an online vote on whether the Israeli invasion of Lebanon is justified and most people are voting 'yes'. Please copy the internet address below, go down the page to 'quickvote' and vote 'no'. Forward to others, as many as you can. Click here to vote.

Al-fatihah to those innocent who struggle for their freedom.
Al-fatihah to Hani Mohsen, a friend I met back in RTM in 2000, who died of heart attack.


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