Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Malaysia: Technology Versus Civilization

When we care too much about technology, we care less about our civilization.

Most of the typical Malay
is still strong at their stubborn mindset about the things around them. They never allow themselves to accept critism, they hate noted people revealing their mistake, and they even want to stay as far as they can when it comes to religion.

So what do the parents do on a Sunday evening? Dad would probably check on his car or hang out with their friends on how to modify parts and stuff, while mummy would sit with other housewives to back mouth their neighbors. Or both of them probably watch TV shows but neglect their responsibility to look after their kids. Or maybe some dad is too busy playing golf and let their sons and daughters went to clubs until late nights. What ever it is, today’s bumi culture had changed forever. We no longer see humble Malay in ourselves. They become more rude and full of attitude.

Case One:
One of the recent discussions I had with my father is when he came back from New York, is that he told us about how things work (culture) in United States compared to our Malay culture. In New York, people, especially youngsters wouldn’t hang out at malls starring at people. It’s even spotless to see teens with punk outfits on the streets. People move forward and people have no absolute time to hang-out (lepak) because all of them work for a living. They work to pay their rental and food. Otherwise, in Malaysia, teens and young adults would have no jobs, act like they have a job, hang out in front of shopping malls or coffee house, mocking and bad-mouth people passing by them, wasting time and ask money from their parents. They even fancy expensive gadget for the sake of brag and boast, showing off as much as they can, and to compare each other’s wealth. Why Malays like to waste so much time??!? Why can’t they be educated and at least have the courtesy to respect their religion or as a Muslim…As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, it was that obvious that the Malay had been so drift away with entertainment. All of them are chasing for popularity, glam life. So they would come to open-public restaurant, wearing such extravaganza outfit and sang out loud, songs that were inspired by the uneducated Mawi perhaps at 10 p.m. in Ramadan! God, how much education in Malaysia had ruin our civilization because we care so much for technology and such, but neglected our akli and nakli, our rohani and our morality as a human.

Case Two:
A friend of mine who drop by our place for Sahur, Elyna Shukri, had a discussion (last week) about how our society accepted things in a very negative way. The Malays would never have the big-heart to appreciate other people’s success or achievement. They were being too skeptical and obnoxious because they can’t allow others to be more educated and intellegent then they are because they felt threaten by competition. So they will start the hating game because they facts is that they were so envy of a person with full of life, motivation and success. The best part is that, they want to see more failure than to support, their OWN RACE. Even worst, they will spread rumors which aren’t true about that person because due to their envy and hatred towards a person’s success. It's sad to see such thing happen. Sebab itu Melayu suka hidup berpuak-puak, berkelompok. Bangsa lain ingin bersatu, bangsa bumi ingin berpecah-belah kerana masing-masing tamak pengaruh dan kuasa, maka ego, iri hati dan perasaan benci berjaya mengawal jiwa mereka.

Dialogue 1:Muid, aku suka tengok work kau, best’. Keikhlasan ada disini.
Dialogue 2: Your work okla’, which symbolized their silent ego.
Dialogue 3: 'Sapa dia? Lantak la, I don’t care who he is, as if he’s good'. Reflection of a very native mind.

'Oleh kerana mereka yang tidak mahu menghijrahkan pemikiran mereka, jiwa, rohani mereka, maka mereka hanyut, dan turut menghasut yang lain untuk membuat lebih banyak kejahatan berbanding kebaikan'- ML.

So how on God’s name can the Malay improve themselves if they keep hating each other?

Embrace Technology in a harmonious way

Solution One:
How often you buy a prepaid top-up to vote for your favorite contestant in Akademi Fantasia or Malaysian Idol? It’s impressive how technology such as mobile industry especially the entertainment line had taken the opportunity to gross many income and some even in their own pockets. We are looking at millions of Ringgit. And we are not helping poverty. We are helping them (broadcasting) to gain more wealth so they can spoil our civilazation and culture. Look on how TV station allows Wrestling, a show that is so violence that will create human attention to become more agressive and to promote 'gangsterism'. So we can have more mat rempit on the road, more young teens wearing tube to Sri Hartamas almost popping out their tits in front of everyone.

Question: who are the voters? They are students (who supposed to be educated), adult (who should have more brain) among others. Why not instead of sending tons of SMS, wasting money and channel your effort to charity and safe some money at least for your Raya or saving account? How about donating your money to Rising Above foundation? How about use online forum to gain people attention on how we can build a community to help each other and contribute more charity? Help us gain more of human civilization and increase moral value to do good things. You can do it now.

Act Now!
To donate by SMS, type RA3 or 7 or 10 and send it to 32728. The numbers 3,7,10 are value of your donation, for example 3 means RM3 Ringgit. For more info, you can visit

Solution Two:
Stop wasting time on online forums, shoutbox, MSN and Yahoo! Messenger chit chats. Try to ‘Google’ or ‘Wiki’ yourself with rich-content education and knowledge of history, geography, science and technology, arts and architecture, medicine and others. Try open CNN website, or at least to gain the latest happening around the world.

Find more ways to rich our culture by understanding our culture. Search for 'Ukiran Kayu' (Malay Woodcarving), Wau bulan or Islamic geometrical patterns and designs for your upcoming Raya Greeting Cards design. Visit tourism website to gain info about your own place, the history of the country you’re born. Believe me, you will be inspired and you will understand and treasure, the beauty of culture of Malaysia, or other preferred countries.

Why not read articles about what is Asian civilization. Do some research and analysis on why our national monument looks the same like the one they have in United States. Study on why our flag is as close and similar to American flag. Do healthy arguments and debates as far as you can go. Don’t waste time surfing porn websites, forums, chit-chats, email forwarding, and many others to name. Use technology in a more prosperous way. Enlighten your heart, your mind and your soul.

p/s: try call your mum today and just say hi and how's her work.. she will feel much better, even more, you will feel good.

Disclaimer: This article post is not to bring down self-esteem of my own race, but to give the fact that most of our people in our race is sailing far apart in wonderland. It’s time for them to stick into the reality, to accept the fact that they, us, need to work harder and stronger, not stand in front of the monitor or television, become passive and not productive. We need to change our attitude, our culture-behavior and our sociology.

Work Updates:

I will write a review about Red Kebaya film soon, as I’m attending it’s premier tomorrow night. I can’t also wait to see our DMP showcase at Berlin, Germany. I am so lucky to team up with Perez because our work got picked as ‘Official Selection’ for Webcuts 2006, Berlin, Germany for it’s conjunction of the Short Film Festival. Perez had recently release our long-awaited UBU Graffiti Showcase, available on DVD. Those who are interested to purchase, may contact directly to Perez. The price for the DVD is RM15 including posting and handling.

I just recently shot my little sister, Afiqah. I think she looks lovely in the photos.

Heart (Part 1):
Sayang @ My Beloved 'B',

My heart had been smashed and broken by mindless and heartless so-called-lovers before. The day I felt there’s nothing else to do but to hate any relationship that came in my way. They always try to destroy my happiness because of what they fail to give me (truly commitment, understanding and passion without having a suspicious mind), but then, came you.

I never thought you clear the possibility I have towards affection. You know how I hate it because the fact that I’ve been in so much pain. But today, marked my love even more deep for me to cherish you entirely, because you love me for the way I am, how I express myself, how I love my job, and how much you understand. I’m proud to be by your side, walking next to you. I felt 10 feet tall with you, because you never compare me with anyone else. I never know loving you have completely change my confusion, and yet you guide me in a better person. The day we hug and love each other, were the best moment, and more, when you kissed me, I know you’re the one who I shall belong to and I will keep on loving you no matter what will happen.

Honey, the shirt you gave me fits well with the docker pants my dad bought me ;-). Now, how bout some fried chicken? Yum yum.

I never felt regret, but i rather felt so proud you came to me, such a miracle.

7 opinions :

kris said...

Congrats on the film thing. :) We still haven't met but as another muslim/malaysian/designer/programmer I admire your work.

30fps said...

As a malay residing half way around the world from you, I must say I am proud to be a Malay. Not only you have the right attitude but you have moral and value that I found diminishing among Malays. I love Malaysia, my hometown but here in Canada, I am able to excel without prejudice.

On a side note, your work is awesome! Remember, criticism is every where. Take it in a grain of salt :-)

manameisanna said...

Malay Typical..such an issue that always i heard...and so many things to talk about..i still remember when i tried to purposed one of proposal related to Malay's culture...'kebaya' and 'Ukiran' of my lecturer tried so hard to make sure my proposal rejected by all the la la la...but it was to bad when i think how much people in Malaysia really appreciated their own culture.....ahahaha....well i dun give a damn...i got A hahaha..
can't people out there really think how much the effort that we ARE DESIGNER'S tried so hard to fulfills people dreams? ..huhuh....proud to be a designer aite? but also never forgot where actually our feet step on and what kind of food that we all always eat la la la........I CAN SEE UR PASSION...:)

P/S: So sweet when i read about ur LOVER..:)

zamdee said...

kenapa terjadi?
sebab manusia tidak lagi kembali kepada fitrah, kesedaran langsung tiada..

tunggu sahaja ketetapan yang telah ditetapkan..

Tenno Miyake said...

susah actually to find a malay who is not envy of each other.

there's one guy who everyone knows him as a very supportive person. but he cannot resist from back mouth people who were more successful then him.

harap2 kita semua dijauhkan dari sifat tersebut. AMIN.

Muid Latif said...

"there's one guy who everyone knows him as a very supportive person. but he cannot resist from back mouth people who were more successful then him."

Thanks Izham. I'm curious to know who, but let it be la kot... as for me, if i know someone who is more successful than I am, I will work harder and upgrade myself. I do know lots of people bad mouth about me, and not suprising malays la. Either cakap depan or belakang, I experience it before.


Seniman Jalanan said...

muid, just bear in mind that life is rolling twice than present.

honestly, i would like to see sumthing diff from what you had before. start walking when you are out of the box.

jazaakallah khair,