Thursday, October 05, 2006


DMP MekarMara
Digital Malaya Project (DMP) MekarMara, Vol.1. Cover by Yazid, Organic leaves by Muid.

The journey of 15 Malaysian most outstanding talents starts with MekarMara! It has been way too long as I kept on delaying this magazine. The potential of this magazine is to expose the unknown creative to the most establish talents made in Malaysia.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the magazine and God knows the effort to call upon the talents, compiled all their works, and publish the magazine. It had been such a sleepless night and I do hope all the artist who had contributed can send me their reply ;-)

How far this magazine can go? We will have a paypal donation to help and support in some ways including my own pocket money to produce a A5 print out version. This magazine will be on retail of RM20-40 Ringgit (suggested price) and 40% of the collection will be donated to non-profit organization such as MERCY and AIDS Council, Malaysia.

Travelling without Moving

After Raya, I’m planning to go to Penang to shoot the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion as well to go shoot at Teluk Bahang, at sunset. I might be going to Kuching to visit the cultural village and might be hanging out at the Riverside and plus, I get the chance to visit my old school, St. Joseph. I hope I can go to Macau or Cambodia after February 2007 right after my birthday. It might not be easy because I will be traveling alone, and I know that my mission of traveling is to explore new culture in the South East Asia region plus, to enhance my photography skills.

Some might not know, Ramadan has been one of the most challenging months. I had to be a maid, besides my sister Abby. Since our maid is gone (why do they always lari one??), more task we have to do. Not complaining, but rather telling what I do. We have to wash dishes, do our own laundry, wake up for sahur, plus, since Abah went to New York, I have to put more eyes on the family and more security in the house. Financially, I have to prepare a K or two for open house. I’m excited for Raya because I really want to make it happen. I want to cook my own food and prepare to my friends, and want to see lots of friends come in my house. Raya lepas pun sikit je orang datang. Perhaps they also busy attending other open-houses. I know that mum will cook us nice lontong with nasi impit and sweet rendang. Plus, with the work and all, I’m in full 360 degree bogged. But that’s what it takes to work hard. I know in the future, I will find a way to redeem it.

My UiTM Days

Nony & Zamri can be located in the second picture, the one wearing kurung (yellow-purple) with short straight hair and Zamri, with all-white khakis pants. He now teach at IKIP, Pahang.

I just recently called up two of my best friends back in my study days, Nony and Abang Zamri. Both of them are most influencial students and was the most close friends I had. They know in and out about me and we keep in touch regularly. I miss them and just earlier, I had mentioned I'm going to Penang after Raya, so I'm so excited to see her and her Husband. I want them to take me to the my fav. Nasi Kandar near that Hotel, i think it's Price or Region Hotel. They had always been for me whenever I needed advices and when I'm feeling down. I love them dearly.

To my dearest YumYum. I love u always and forever. You are my gravity when i'm drifting away, you're here to keep me safe. You are the reason that I grow strong and learn from my mistake, you help me see a better path. Please don't go away and punish me, because i will loose my soul. I will loose everything because you're the most important person in my life right now. I will wait no matter time passes by.

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Iced Nyior said...

ooo can i come to ur hse for raya? :D btw the cover looks really fantastic :) you take care yea

~ Fiona

chot said...

bro aku nak review pasal 'mekarmara' tu ka blog aku ye..