Monday, October 16, 2006

Red Kebaya,: Creative Cinematography

Red Kebaya has a wonderful cinematography set in local various location and line of high-profile actor and actress. Each dedicate to deliver their role, I have no fear to say the potential and expectation for this film, because it’s going to be a great film after I few local movies I had watched (Hint: Yasmin Ahmad or any other creative filmmakers). After the short pre-screening of Red Kebaya, I hope local indie film industry will help us to inspire and motivate, to create more versatility in our work, plus, to gain recognition by the world’s eyes and mind.

Red Kebaya

Red Kebaya is something unique to watch because not like any other plot we’ve seen in typical local film; the storyline will bring the audience back through time. What more impress me is how this movie helps to promote local attractions and culture. Meeting the cast and crew was remarkable, because we talk a lot of things which not most typical producers, or actors and film-maker wanted. But for those who love to predict and judge a book by it's cover, I’m sure they will hate as hell because the fact that Red Kebaya really have ‘different’ 'team'. Well, just wait till this 23rd of November and see for yourself. My special credit goes out to Samantha Schubert for excellent role in that film, Ramli Hassan for the coolest facial expression and his style of acting, and Elaine Dally, for an unexpected role. I never thought she’s so talented. Pandai berlakon jadi watak irritating.

I would like to thank Isma Yusoof and Kate, for inviting me to the pre-screening. It has been a great pleasure to meet you guys again. Now, feel free to check out our photo gallery of the event below!

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Above pic was shot by Muid, and the film reviews are prepared and written by local noted bloggers:
  1. Nizam Zakaria
  2. Sultan Muzaffar
  3. Budiey
  4. Kash ED
  5. Mukeh
  6. Wan Zul (Photographer)

I got a secret, and here in my heart:

You made my soul running so carefree,
You made me to know and understand how beautiful relationship

Even if our relationship is in the world’s suicidal cliff,

You and I take this chance to learn and let the love flows in us.

I never find the one that is true as much as you do,

Because all of my life, I’ve been waiting to long for this,

For you to come and bring me sunshine,

And a person who makes me happy,

I never felt so happy and joyful,

Because to be with you, was the best thing I had ever enjoyed,

And to hear you say I love you each moment when I look into your eyes,

There’s nothing more to say rather to feel blessed and thankful.

My love, would it be nice if I can make you breakfast? Would it be nice if we both buy our clothes and bed sheet together? Would it be nice if we carry our furniture and re-arrange the house? You know, all I want is to make things last as long as forever. You are all that matters to me and let me tell you this; I can't explain more that to tell you I want you more than any other things in my life (Not even in my wish list :P). You had encourage me to be a special person, to gain more how to love myself and to work as hard and smart as I can. I am not tangled anymore when I'm with you. I never love this way before, with every touch and with all my heart. Nothing is going to stop me from loving you. I want to make complicated things as simple it is. I will impress you everytime, and I want to miss you everyday, I want to travel with you and I want to see as much possibility to explore your mind and heart.


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Tenno Miyake said...

Hi muid,

jiwang seh my friend nih..

I've been reading your blog regularly but after sometime only I realized that you have linked my name to a wrong URL.

If you don't mind, will you please change it to the correct one.

TQ.. :)

Muid Latif said...

can Izham... thanks for reminding.

Hot ChocoLate said...

hey bro!!i saw u in the newspaper last week if im not mistaken..the red kebaya pre screen rite?!!

Hot ChocoLate said...

hey bro...!i saw u in the newspaper last week if im not kebaya's pre screen rite?!!

Hot ChocoLate said...

bro..selamat hari raya...maaf zahir baten...

Tenno Miyake said...

selemat hari raya bro..