Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Case Closed | Resolved


It is most important to tell my audience what I have gain from my recent discussion with my client. Previously I had made a unprofessional remark on them and even the organization about the project that I had deal with. Getting few feedbacks, to me I personally should have communicate with them first. But I'm glad to put my POV the last time, because if it wasn't for that post, I would have not achieve a good communication and relationship with both party.

There are few issues that are able to identify, and had been resolved. Most important, I would like to remind myself, and tell everyone about what I experience working with my previous clients. Here goes;

I learn a lot of things, and this time, I don't put the blame on them but myself. This is because after the discussion, they just informed me that it was one of the few first project they are working with. So that means, I should not have expected too much from them. Having said that, they admit of not clarifying the situation to me as first place, therefore I misinterpreted their work. If they told me sooner, I would have give much support and help as possible.

You know, Paul Arden really help me to clarify things in my life, especially dealing something. Most important, to identify something that we sometimes seems not to care so much. I made a lot of people worried, but I believe doing this also help to improve greater communication the next project I will be involve with. To those out there, the freelancers, the designers and others alike, please corporate as much as possible. Having a good communication, responsibility and understanding plus courtesy will definitely help a lot to make one project become successful.

To those who decide to quote from my blog from my earlier post, I would like to kindly summon them to remove and replace with this new post instead. I feel much better, after the discussion. But to the three dedicated people I had work with, I hope you guys understand why I stand up on my feet. The fact that I do fall down, but I will stand back and start walking again. It means, in any problems we face, there's always a solution. And all of us have achieve that, that very night, which is on Thursday 7th at 10.20 - 11:30 p.m. Again, apologize for the inconvenience that the three of you had dealing with me. We all learn a lot of things, and hope in future, we can be much more prepared, and well manageable especially in terms of communications :)

Cheers guys,
Muid Latif

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Danny Foo said...
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Anwar said...

Well!! People like that in the business world will remain anyway! In fact thanks to those people, you learn honesty.
The moment that client, Whoever decides to reduce the cost, you know there must be a problem somewhere. Already unfair anyway that ya not charging full price..

Well good that other bloggers & others in da field get the flair..

All the best