Monday, May 07, 2007

mois occupé

I just wasted half-hour trying to freaking upload the bloody image, i would rather write but i don't have time at all, not even time to go lunch. I will update my blog with 5 post next two weeks, believe me, it's going to be long than you ever know. I just compiled a PDF book of poetry and finished few artworks. It's been a crazy month. Believe me, I never looked back. Feel free to cruise on my flickr.

My current desktop
This is my desktop

This is how my schedule like. Enlarge here!

Shadow of Your Smile - Tony Bennet

4 opinions :

Hot ChocoLate said... gle bro...ape on rest jgn lupe...ehehhe..saye sangat bz lately nie..nasib baik projek BioBoston dah leh le nak tarik nafas kejap...

Chandra Marsono™ said...

is that mac or windows? Or is it a mac clone? Looks cool.

Tenno Miyake said...

windows la.. hehe

kudos bro. nice piccie on your flickr

stabuxguy said...

hye muid!!

read my review (dah lama tak write hehehe...)

ulasan teater cheng lock (muzikal) di IB