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Bicara Kehidupan Seorang Pereka dan Artis Digital

P. Ramlee The Musical, A Must See!

I was moved and touched by the phenomenal performance proudly by Malaysians. Most important, it's about the legendary multi talented the late, Tan Sri P. Ramlee!

Board Members of Creative Commons Malaysia (Wan Peng, Muid, Hasnul Hadi) with Hasnul's dearly wife, Kak Riza.

I have to take a bow to amazing actress that I admire and known in person, they are my dear friend Atilia, Liza Hanim and Melissa Saila. Gosh, they are in control of the stage, and I hope Kak Tiara will have it more in the coming future. From my point of view, These beautiful ladies sing their hearts out and unbelievably impressive with their character.

Worth of sms voting during those Audition days. Chedd with my sister Abby.

I'm thrilled to meet Pat. He's supercool!

Chedd had great choreography moves and did a great role while Pat Ibrahim really did an amazing, wonderful job on choreography. It's really hard work, and it's a success! Kudos to all!

The interactive visual accompanied at the end made me in tears to have such amazing person on earth, the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee. That show had really put a moved on my heart. A remarkable show I will never forget.

al-Fatiha to our beloved.

The Saturday Workout

I had spent my day on Saturday 14th by cleaning up my room, mopping the floor and went out with Abby to get a card for our father's day. I manage to buy dinner for the whole family. But before that night. I went jogging with my pet brother at this park after Batu Caves heading to Kepong called Kepong Metropolitan Park. What so special about this park, is the only place you can see families with their kids playing kites on the sky.

It was a big spin for me to go for a jog with Kamal and I tell you, it's really good because your muscle starts to ache. He asked sarcastically 'so you really wanna go for 3 more rounds'?. It was a great excercise. On my last jog on the track we started, I stop and look up in the sky. There it was, as the kites freezed in the air. I was just silent breeze passing through me, and it made me feel so light and felt such purify. I'm doing this jogging session again, and probably bring my SLR with me. It's a great place to do photography.

The Call of Nature

The 10th till 11th of May marked a special date for me and my friends to an amazing, breast-taking (I mean breath-taking) journey of the wonderful Berkelah Waterfall on the way to Kuantan, Pahang. It's been awhile since my scout days in Ipoh, Perak. I always love camping. I remember my last camping was with my schoolmate from SM Kepong when we went to this hutan nearby Rawang. It was so freaky that there is one night the Ustad who followed us asked us to walk to our camp faster because we we're followed by an object flying from top of trees.

Photos by K:Rew. Thanks!

So back to Berkelah, I had the best time in my life with my friend, Mr. K:Rew, Rajan, Syed, Two Army Officer and one Police officer. It was so awesome and I actually felt small disappointed with myself that I didn't bring my SLR camera along. We had our 2 days and one night camping. Believe me, this is one experience you never forget! The cool, fresh waterfall was so tranquil and so purifying. I thought we had at least swim 5 times a day. We had great food with us, and such great company. The only thing that was missing is our Internet and laptops! haha.. it's the only time I don't have to think about emails, Facebook or reading news. I do get calls from clients and friend, and I told them I'm in a jungle! Even my sister and her friends didn't know where exactly I was.

Something that trip happen which inspired me is the teamwork. There was so much teamwork with this group. For the first time, I never get mad at things. There was no temper or whatsoever. The environment really helps me to find my peace. It was a great deal for me, and it's all thanks to Rajan and K:Rew for making this happen.

That Mentality: The After Trip

Me and Rajan had an unusual 'incident' on our way back to KL. We eventually had our break in the warung that we parked our cars. Now, there is this one shop with less customer that actually sells quite tasteful food and the other shop, with countless of clients. There rest went there while me and Rajan went to the other one instead. First of all, the customer service was unbelievably terrible. It explains that (no wonder!) people come visit the restaurant. The attitude of the daughter of the shop owner was terribly rude that can actually set someone's thermometer. There was no ‘Selamat datang’ (welcome), all she said with a high tone was 'Nasi?!', 'Nak Air Apa?'.

I still remember when I asked, how come you don't sell cigarettes in here, she told us there was no capital and the cost is too much to bear. That also happens to mobile top-ups. I can't believe such mentality exist, and it's no wonder how these particular typical Malays people never get their business to success because they never dare to take risks, not event to take challenge in order to move forward.

Let's take 'Mamak' restaurant in KL for example. They're probably the best food brand in Malaysia because they learn what the customer think, what the customer wants. You can now experience entertainment such as watching football (yes Manchester here) on a flat panel LCD TV, projections, there's even info-kiosk to slot in advertisements and even the place is supported by WI-FI (Internet access). Their strategy is amazing that should be example by others. But still, it's too much of a hassle to these typical people right? Sigh...

What Malaysians don't really bother and always pin-point at people

All blogs are talking about petrol price. What that does not change is the mentality of Malaysians. We kept on whining about how expensive the price of petrol is when we don't actually study back how awful we spent our money on OTHER things.

Here are some of the things that we need to look at: (problems that will never solve)
  • Alcohol. They don't mind paying a jug of beer that cost RM60. They wasted at least RM300 per night. They waste their time not only money, but energy and then throw-up. Right? :-)

    Go figure to yammseeeenggg!
    mabuk drive kereta like samseng,
    Press minyak rugi duit langgar bentenggg....
    kereta jahanam kena saman baru nak melentennngg..

  • Mobile phones. I don't understand these people especially parents who bought handphones for their kids. They could afford to buy expensive hand phone even I myself find it very expensive. They spent until thousands of Ringgit just to show off to people about it. Maybe some bought because of functionality, but most of them I met are just about fashion rather functionality.

  • Mobile top-ups & bills. People can actually spent RM100 just per week! they like to talk long hours and I believe it's not good to 'gayut' for hours. Another one would be the SMS subscription of Astro Horoscope lah, Teman Setia lah, 'Saya Sunyi Kesepian' and whatsoever.

  • Cigarettes. This is a case where people, especially Malaysian will continue to buy no matter how much the price has hike. A box is cigi is RM8.20. Come on, you are talking about smoking a box a day. Let's do the math, RM8.20 x 5 days = RM41 x 4 weeks is = RM164.

  • Food. Now Malaysians like to spent money so much on food. It's all about class. Nak makan kat mamak atau warung / restaurant biasa bagi alasan takde standard, takde class. Once in blue moon if you wanna enjoy good food ok, but don't do it everyday! It's a waste to spent RM50 just on food per day. How is that going to help you to save up your money.

  • Brand is important. I drop by a grocery to get my shower foam. It cost me RM20 bucks for a 1 liter of Shower foam (Dettol). But I choose the soap bar (that comes in 3) that costs RM4. It saves A LOT! Vitagen costs RM1.10 per bottle and we have Berry Crazy yogurt drink for RM0.90 only. And it taste even better.

  • Parking. Very stingy not to pay RM1-6 ringgit for a parking, but not stingy to get summon tickets from DBKL and Police Traffic with bills up to RM300.

  • Start comparing bumiputra or non-bumiputra price for housing loans. Even how high or low the rates of a house or an apartment / condo you can get, you STILL will spend money on unnecessary renovation, buy expensive furniture, spent up to RM10,000 for a rock and fish garden, kitchen and others. FYI, one Koi fish is RM500 and above.When they about to sell the house, buyers don't care how much you had spent on renovation, they will still bargain to get less price. It's human nature.
Unless some Malaysian earn very low income. They would suffer from this. I would felt sorry for them. The past two months, I had been recklessly spent too much money on unnecessary things. I myself admit that I had been wasting my money a lot on entertainment. That's why I had take major, major change to keep myself aware of what's going on. I am trying hard to minimize my entertainment :-)

We should be able to spend our money wisely. I know I have to. We should be able to cut on our entertainment, not all but try to keep it less for better, stop wasting time subscribing to unnecessary plans and buying expensive materials or getting installment scheme.

Still Photography

Me, Abby, Syiqin, Ripi & Nagen.

Yes, never missed it on weekly basis. What we did few weeks back after such trouble work in the office, we went for photo walk in Salak South with Syiqin, Ripi, Nagen and Abby.

Salak South Photo walk with friends. This is Nagen.

Old photos, recently edited. My photo walk with my Saladin artist at the bird park.

Manage to take photos in this year Citrawarna Malaysia 2008. Noryn & Sam, good luck in L.A.!

What's New With Creative?

I will be joining together with my team, Digital Malaya Project for an interactive art exhibition for Urbanscapes, located in KLPac, this upcoming 27th of June. Please come! pre-ticket sell at RM25 while RM35 on that day itself. Check out th website fore more info. DMP has an all-new team joining us is Fariz Hanapiah from MotioFixo, Fozy, Nadirah, Ee Venn and Prakash Daniel and official step down from the group is Shieko. We welcome back Perez.

Other than that, I will be working on two local artist's album. You guys would probably figure it out who ;-).

Extract from my novel:

Waktu itu, aku masih berada didalam bebola perut ibundaku. Kedengaran rentak-rentak aneh memberikan suatu tanda tanya. Ibuku berkata didalam hati bahawa aku kini didalam kereta menuju ke Ipoh sambil mendengar lagu Blondie 'Heart of Glass'. Aku mula bertanya, adakah manusia mempunyai hati kaca? adakah begitu mudah memancar sinar, turut pecah berderai sekiranya terusik?


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awan said...

agree on how malaysians spend their money. dinch feh.

kalu rokok naik harga sekotak rm40 pun masih ramai org akan beli.

queendiva said...

love ur blog! i've been to berkelah 2 years ago & would love to go there again. beautiful & peaceful...a slice of paradise on earth. keep up ur fantastic work & may Allah bless ur life.

Muid Latif said...

Thanks Queendiva :-)

(in nothingness) said...

whoa. long post. i agree that we malaysians take a lot of things for granted.

like cheap fuel, a benefit we've had for sooo many years