Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's A Designer's Life (Part 3)

See how my experience related to this diagram/ graph I had created. This is the real scenario of Malaysian Design Industry. Question is, where do we seniors designer go if the company aren't willing to pay us base on our experience and expertise. Lame... :(

So as I was expressing my virtual 'rampage' over this blog, some option can be follow, as to sit down and plan properly. "Muid, don't dream of working in big agency anymore because you will become slave forever", someone said that to me last week.

Now, my beloved father is 'throwing' up few 'bucks' for me to open up a small, tiny mini me company. Let see where it goes from here. I'm making sure I'll practice 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' methodology. Anyway, the location of my future business will be in Wangsa Maju. Good revenue. I plan to open up a learning centre where I want to teach Malaysian to become 'Instant Designers'. I will share my experiences, tell good and dirty tricks on how to get involve in the design industry so easy, and believe me, I'm gonna make sure 90% of my student become 'super' creative.

So DMP (Digital Malaya) Studios will become a reality eh? Offering great design quality of web, prints and Graffiti! Let's sembur!!

* ain't the last dance.

8 opinions :

aL said...

way to go man! you will get all the support you need. i'm sure the creative scene needs someone like you.

all the best to you!

Shieko said...

i'll give all the help that u need. ;)
Wangsa Maju kat mana ha?
amyways cant wait! Muid!!!!! Ganbatte!!!!!!! ^_^'

*cosmic freak* said...

me help too ...

and even it ain't the last dance, you still are the best dancer in town compared to bat latif ... hihihi ... apa citer anak pak latif semua nak menari nih ???

beck said...

i'll be the first to sign up at ur school or academy, whatever u wanna call it nanti... sapa nak jadi instant designer, saya, saya, saya! kerana saya dah jadi pro bummer! peace up and all the best...

Gato said...

yea that graph is soo true! =(

hey Über-coolness! dmp institute! rock on!! if u ever need a 3d helper gimme a buzzzz ya! love 2 support =)

best wishessssss! :)

mamat said...

Excellent graphical representation of working life in Malaysia. It's not only restricted to your own field of design, it's applicable everywhere.

InsyAllah, keep on praying and working for a better Malaysia.

All the best, and may Allah provide you with strength and kebahagiaan dunia, akhirat.

Pai said...

whenever you need some support, we're here for you, man.. zaman kegelapan akan berakhir.. now it's your turn, show the world who you are, bro!

DMP Creative Institute rulez!! :D

30fps said...

have you ever thought of applying for jobs elsewhere ie. oversea?

just a thought.