Monday, March 14, 2005

Journey of Life: Escapism (Part 2)

- Alfred Tan, Me (Muid), Azril, Syamael & Juin (not so clear).

Intro: What’s Goin’ On?
Last week had been my most deficient week, due to massive disturbance that I cannot avoid. Obviously, the root of that ‘particular’ problem can be solved only by my own patience and time... I have not been myself for that particular time and had affected my professionalism as a creative thinker. Not to be able to think, to be able to understand things around me and most imperative, I lost control over my mind and my sentiment. My level of confidence had drop to 50% and it’s hurting everyone around me. In other term, I called it 'Emo'. I would like to apologies to my friends who’ve been hurt caused by my ‘emo-ism’. I will modify my attitude and behavior.

Pleasure defines as;

1. The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified.
2. A source of enjoyment or delight: The graceful skaters were a pleasure to watch.

- Juin & Alfred

- The food was so heavenly delicious, Cendol are fabu!
Ariff, Me, Alfred, Riz, Fir & Raz

What happen on the 11th until 13th of March last week was a paramount of my new friendship alliance. It was our destination of an ideal gateway from the city, job, stress, and to celebrate achievement of our time, to see what’s around us, taste what’s around us... yes, when we are at work, we barely talk to each other, but it’s the other way around after our blue collar session. Riz & Raz, Alfred & Juin, Umar & Izrin, Azril & Ariff, Fir, Symael & Amina was there. In fact, the dearest friend of mine who had been around my life for 8 years, Haryany @ Nony had been such a great friend to bring us around to the city and streets of Penang.

While Raz (Riz's Wife) with baby, we stooges decide to go for Angel's Posse...

That Ferry Ride
My journey last week ended with a beautiful ride back to the main land of Malaysia. It was all that jazz feeling, cool sea breeze, life full of crowds and watching the Penang Island, fading away from my eye sight. Memories will be in my mind and heart for the three best days spent there, the island where I was born. I miss my parents already, who are now in New Delhi, India for vacation. I hope and pray to Allah that they will be safe and fine. I love them dearly.

* This is not my last dance, but I’m sure Nicky (My mum) is dancing with Sharukh Khan in Bollywood

2 opinions :

Shieko said...

wooooooh....a getway frm towwwnnn...
i oso wan one,..maybe next week i go bek maraka,..nice photo treatment....u go mueks!

ra° said...

The weekend was great man! We all had fun tasting all them foods and enjoying the night playing declare and chor tai tee. :D

Should do kinda trips again man.


Riz Ainuddin