Thursday, September 21, 2006

Official Selection of Webcuts 2006 Germany

DMP Rebirth & Realign

Yesterday, I got an email from Eckhard M. J├Ąger of the Webcuts2006 and informed us that our Digital Malaya Project's (DMP) submission of the video 'Rebirth & Realign' had been selected as 'Official Selection for Webcuts 2006' for Berlin Internet Film Festival. I immediately called up Perez and later he came to my house to send a higher resolution of the file to be sent to them. I am deeply excited to be a part of world's most revolution country for creative movement (Bauhaus). To be selected and shortlisted is enough for us for this prestigous recognition! Syukur Alhamdulillah.

p/s: Me and Perez was sitting down the living room and while watching Channel 9, we found out an ackward impression when we see Channel 9 TV intro, the animation looks soooooo familiar.

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Light Room, Anyone?

I just got myself a Canon 350D slr camera (finally!). It was probably one of the difficult decision for me to choose which is suitable. I barely get myself Nikon D50, but a lot of friends recommended Canon (Yeah, I know the lens are expensive, but it's worth the shot). I know my favorite photographer, Emiliano suggested me to go for analog SRL however, I can't affort to go for higher maintenance. Well, I got a very good bargain with free 90-300mm (which everyone knows) and for a starter, it's cool. Plus, never bought such an expensive camera after my first camera I bought, which is SHARP viewcam and Sony. I just took few of my shot (as usual, vain) and I tried Adobe Lightroom, a very cool software which is similar to Apple Aperture or the well-known Picassa. What makes me buy the camera? Due to the influence of watching America's Next Top Model (watching Daniell Levitt on set is ammmmaaayyzing), Isma Yusoof (Who had been frequently 'poisoned'me with his work), and my close friends of flickr and csforum.

I've been introduced to Lightroom when I went to the Photoshop WorldAsia 2006 not long ago in KL Hilton together with my buddy, Vernon Fernandez, Koii, Fauzi (Madfozi) and Hanif Hashim. I just manage to download and try it out today and I'm telling you, this software is cool, although it's still under beta. I'm not sure how much the retail price when they release the official software, but if it's cheaper than Aperture (RM1,399), then I would go for Adobe.

Two Days Ago

It was a very calm, yet slow morning. I barely remember the last time I heard birds chirping outside my window, and hardly remember inhaling such a refreshing air. I was awake by a call from of my colleague while Wonderful’ by India Arie playing on my computer. To tell you the truth, I woke up very late for the past few weeks, due to my insomnia and 3-4 hours of sleep, plus, usually my maid would give a wakeup call but now not anymore. I had my first ever six and a half hours of sleep yesterday. I never felt so good. Every morning, I would have to make my own bread and a cup of hot tea. Today is different than any other day. Since our maid ran off, most of us in the family had to do things the normal way; we cook our own food, make our own breakfast and prepare our own clothes. My grandma, Opah, was with us since yesterday. You know, having her around is different than having our Matuk (grandma on my mum’s side). Every morning, I would be able to see and hear her prayers and reciting the Quran. It’s nice and motivating. I had a chance to talk with her this morning for a very long. I never chat with her cause I would greet her and then left the house off to work.

Abby, my sister went out to send my sister, Afiqah to school. So, I have to wait for her especially when Opah is around. I don’t want my grandma to be left alone in the house. It always bothers me. In our conversation, she told me how happy and proud she is when she saw me in the newspaper. I felt very sincere flattered and touched. The smile on her face is so genuine, and she kept on saying ‘alhamdullilah’ (thankful). She mentioned to me about my responsibility when my dad is not around. I mean those things and stuff that I need to take care off when my father away, which I never bother. I used to remember hearing family fight over land issues and stuff, and I just don’t want to bother because I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship I have with my other brother and sisters. You know, normally the seniors or ‘orang-orang perak’ do have a lot of land and assets with them. Again, I don’t want to drag myself into this but I just realized that I do need to concern; I do need to care, because it’s the history and the appreciation need to be look at. My late grandpa had been working hard to get the land he now owns and pass it on to generation to generation. In the family, my dad gets the more of other family members, because my grandma loves my dad very, very much. Her love is very sincere and my dad is very, very protective with his mom. I know what it feels like to totally love someone. I know now that I love my dad and my mom, and I would promise myself to take care of them when they grow old. I want to work as hard as I can so I can manage a better life for them and make them happy.

finally, i got my canon slr! more photography coming your way.

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chot said...

Slamat menyambut Ramadhan bro...

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congrats for the Webcuts thingie :)

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nice stories, and Adobe Lightroom looks cool. have a good Ramadan :)

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thanks guys ;-) Selamat Menyambut Puasa

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happy fasting muid :)