Friday, September 01, 2006

Printed! Hasil Kerja Terbaru di Plaza Sentral

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Thanks to Fairuz from Berita Harian for the interview and featured my article and works at ruangan 'X-pres-c', page 14 of iKON, Berita Harian, today, 2nd of September 2006. Again, thanks Fairuz Zaidan! > Click here to read the Article.

As working for a highly resolution for a print is never easy. God knows how I overcome the challange I faced, first, the file size (yes.. almost 1-4GB per PSD image), then the compression, then the printing. Today one of my senior told me he went to KL Sentral and saw the design the we had work on and it turn out good. That is surely a relief. I can't wait to go to Plaza Sentral and see the designs myself. This will be my first work on digital design on canvas size for 80,600 mm x 4200 mm, 150 dpi for a print. Will post the pics this weekend. Me like! Anyway, my work and name mentioned in: TheStar Article (Kuali) and Singapore Art Museum.

Lost But Not Found

Before the merdeka eve, I lost my phone in the TGV Cinema in KLCC. I know so cause I was with my friend at the very last show as we are the last to go and only the cleaner is inside the cinema. I was so careless not to check, and when the next day, I ask abby's help to go to TGV and ask for it. It's not in the 'Lost & Found'. I guess it's pretty simple not to trust any workers in TGV especially the cleaners, because these days, they are not noble and honest. So if you ever lost a phone in a local cinema, there's no chance of getting back the phone. Bugger! Just when I thought I can peacefully buy myself the SLR camera I wanted. Sad sad.

Online Tutorial on Photoshop Text Blending (In Bahasa) at CandidSyndrome Forum!

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So How was your Merdeka?

Sometimes we can't figure what the heck is going on, as most Malaysian would probably love to tell people out there about local independence day without taking it into action. People decorate their cars with Jalur Gemilang, but when you see them on the road, they drive like a mad cow. It's a shame to celebrate this way. As for me, I got a bit passive-feeling whenever we celebrate this magnificent day. One of the reason is that, I don't need to go out because the fact that the place i'm staying (Military Camp), have their own fireworks to celebrate, then there's Mines Wonderland that frequently display fireworks (yes, you get bored). Most important, from this day on, I get to spend my time with my family, my parents, watch DVD together eating peanuts. I'm hearing people singing in this army camp now. It's a ritual function that the military used to have, for the sake of enjoying themselves, making more littering on the football field, noise pollution and no respect towards the neighbours. But what the heck, it's Merdeka!

If Merdeka means that Malaysia is free from British government, that's where we think we are wrong. We, Malaysian love to buy the Western culture because we worship the western too much. While other countries are sufficating, poverty and we only take things less and for granted. It's sad. You know, if Datuk K & Siti Nurhaliza, plus Mawi & Ina's controversial issue to be aired on TV during merdeka. Then it shows how Malaysians are dull, shallow and un-educated because we take most retarded issues to be acknowledge rather than to take other important issue more serious. So many things happen in our countries lately, even our national security won't be able to convince Malaysian that we are safe in their hand. In fact, Malaysians will be more afraid of the police rather than the criminals because they are more dangerous than the one out there killing. What a shame....

Well, now, for some reason, after watching the fireworks with my family outside the yard (oh, the Mines Wonderland 'updated' their fireworks with kite images... nice!), I'm planning to finish all my design left overs, so I won't be lazy going back to bed and start doing something good this time around, at least I won't be seeing rubbish on the streets of KL especially KLCC and Bukit Bintang. ;-)

Happy Merdeka.


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Isma Yusoof said...

wow...kool gila!!! terkejut gila..tapi kool!!! CONGRATS!!!

bali said...

ya congrats. beautiful artwork & ada muka isma hehe

*cosmic freak* said...

nanti bila dah dapat Canon E05, tentulah Muid Latif akan lebih rancak dan galak mereka kepelbagaian kepada bakat yang sudah sedia ada ... hahahahahahaha ....