Friday, May 27, 2005

DMP Dine Out

Abby, Perez & Me

DMP decide to throw dinner a.k.a. DMP Dining out at Pizza Hut & Starbucks, Damansara City Centre on Thursday night, a celebration plus gathering for active Digital Malaya Project (DMP) contributors and collective members, which recently support and participated on College Talk on the 21st of May and two major exhibition in Penang, Beautiful Junk 2005 on 11th of June with international digital artists like Inksurge, Joshua Davis, VektorJunkie, iBlog, TheClickProject and many cool artists, even Pete Teo, Qings & Kueen will be there to support the event.

Faizal (blur) in black T, Shieko (white T), Webman (Red T)

I will also join ArtYours / Wondermilk exhibition this July together with Shieko and I assume other DMP Collective will be joining us.

Besides loosing weight due to swimming and regular jogging, I lost my appetite to eat. I’m not sure why but I think I need to get ‘fat’ again. Now that I got few freelancers to keep me busy, I hope to attend Adobe seminar this June.

* put that black shoe and dance

3 opinions :

Shieko said...

Time stops tikcin but everything's faster....


dannyFoo said...

Adobe seminar..? They gonna talk about the future of the merger..? Must pay ar muid?

Muid Latif said...

they are launching Adobe Creative CS 2 and it's free. Yay! try surf:
June's Adobe Asian Seminar