Thursday, May 05, 2005

Now that Is What I Called Dream (Not Music)!

I would like to tell you guys that I had a weird dream in the past thirty (30) minutes not long ago. I don’t know what the hell happen but it was 4:30 a.m, Thursday 5th of May, the exact time that make me awake due to a very weird dream.
I dream I was having this exquisite, delicious taste of "Cendol Pulut Sg. Besi" man! I never had such cream! I can’t believe that I even left out my favorite Salmon Make Sushi, McDonald's new delicious Chicken Pita Roll or even a Hawaiian Pizza in it! Hello!

Now, "Cendol", define as Malaysian desert which contains (ingredient) of green "Pandan" flavored noodle, mix with blended ice with coconut milk and "Caramel" (brown colored syrup made from palm sugar) served with red beans or Pulut rice (compressed cold rice, like sushi) in a small bowl. The taste is sweet and delicious. Yum… If you foreigners ever come visit Kuala Lumpur, don’t forget to taste ‘Cendol’ :)Now I have to spend my entire early morning looking miserable with my half-mask gone, looking shocked and amazed and trying to make a hot tea and planning to watch a DVD. I couldn't sleep.

It’s a freakin sign for me to have cendol this very afternoon. I couldn’t think anything else. I’m going to be a volunteer for AIDS Event helping out the kids and stuff this 15 May, some kind of charity work which I am happy to do, together along with my friend Riz & Shamser. My sister might be join this event. Any other day, I’m as usual, with my daily "creative crisis" but having a new domain for my portfolio site! Yay!

* Not my last dance.

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Copper Knickers said...


Check this graff stuff....Willing to finish unused beer for you!


royalejlly said...

erkk, dream or u craving for one?

Muid Latif said...

Craving for one? Actually I did this afternoon, which now leave me to bad cough and athma due to overdose of 'icey' 'cendol :(

royalejlly said...

hahah, sure u know rite they banned the cendol in kelantan and from Thai due to kepialu disease? better check those signs! :P

Muid Latif said...

really? gosh.. didn't know that. But I just found out that afternoon I was outside my yard while raining. To find out I kena fever because I didn't take shower after my body caughtup on the rain :) I'm ok now lah :)

royalejlly said...

hahahah, playing in the rain? been awhile havent do that, with acidic and polluted rain, I dont think so. :P no wonder got fever- used to play it 18 yrs ago though.:))

dannyFoo said...

yo muid.. what's with moed man..? o.0

anyway, hope good things just keep coming both our ways. :) Take care alright and hope to meet up for some drink or something when I get back.