Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Morning Raspberry, Caramel and coffee

My body weakens, the skies was too beautiful to perceive from my window. I fell back, with my useless body to this comfy quilt, and soft pillows, one for me to hug and one for my neck to rest ease. The smell of the burning aromatherapy still lingers in my room and my computer still awake, with ‘Caramel’ by Suzanne Vega, playing in my room. It was the joyful week I bear. I was falling in love with the fact that I had successfully turn those who was unfamiliar with the world they’re about to face as a young fresh designer to ‘I’m ready and up to the challenge’. Yes indeed.

My Reflection, My Soul to lead to your example

The only thing I would not allow myself to get into, is to be label as attitude-person. It’s really freakin’ me out. And I’ve becoming one of ‘them’. It’s a disease I cannot afford to stop unless I myself transform to another person. I change if people don’t change. And I tell, to people to change if their friends can’t. And that’s exactly what I had told the students of Poly-tech MARA College, Ipoh, Perak, last Saturday, 21st May. The talk was about how to face the reality in your early careers, but most of the students was too excited with our DMP demoreel (which was done by Perez).

Artech, friend, me & Yadd

That’s Yadd at our Q&A Session. Really hot session!

I would like to thank the management of Poly-Tech for treating us such a special guest, and the press and all the dear, beloved student. Most of all, my deep thanks goes to “Art-tec” (Aiman, you are so talented and creative!) for recommending us to be the guest speaker for the event. It was an honour and was a great opportunity. We would like to do more! Yadd and Perez, I believe my perception towards you, especially Perez was wrong. I am now understand deeply how serious you are in helping my career and as a friend, despite to know you are a gross person! Haha…just kidding baby. I call you baby cause you are so like my brother. Yadd, thanks for driving my car, I was too exhausted. More pics will be up soon, so do drop by my blog as frequent as you can around this week.

The students. Listening or .....?

The students (with Yadd at the front row standing)

‘Geram’ (Hulk) Mode!
It seems that my article in Utusan has not release, just as I expected. Either I have to wait for it as a patient man or forget about it. I was thinking more on forget about it. Less pain, better to f*uck it out. Yah! Two website development this week, two cheques need to be cleared. I hope new opportunities will be coming in. That's a yay!

Abby in black suit. T-Shirt by Radioactive.

Neu photography work by me, model; my sister Abby :P

Coolhomepages is the greatest design portal of all time besides CWD & Netdiver. I have been a fan for 5 years.... and now, I had finally made it! Yes, my portfolio website now finally listed in their directory and it has been a great privillage for me. So happy!

* not my last dance.

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dannyFoo said...

And they say why KL culture is dying. phbt! :P

2006 said...

Yay! Congratulation moed~~