Monday, May 16, 2005

Morning Blues

Re-post the 10th May blog, due to bloody blogger f*ckup error.

On a fresh morning breezy air today, I decided to go out for a jogging. So, I went jogging almost the entire camp. (So much of energy huh?) On my way back, I ‘bump’ into one of my ex-junior back in High School, with his troop shouted ‘Lari Abang Muid, Lari” (means "Run Muid, Run"), gosh, it sounded so embarrassing, now that almost all of the lieutenants there know who I am. I thought to be as unknown as I can in this camp. After I return home, I took a shower and went out. So while driving, I listen to this amazing songs sang by an Indonesian genius recording artist, Melly Goslow with the track ‘Tak Mau Putus’ (means ‘Don’t wanna breakup’), taken from her debut CD / OST ‘Tentang Dia’. In fact talk about the movie, it’s fabulous. Everyone was so into it. You can check out the review from my sister’s blog. (I got no time to write the review, so please don’t hate me).

Recently my mother’s Kembara got hit by a bloody wild boar at 3 am in the morning, that thing abruptly crossed the road out of nowhere and rammed into the slow drivin’ Kembara which I drove. In case you were wondering, where on God name those wild boar came from, this army camp also have few small forest and the lived there. It’s like a mini zoo here. So, what’s the purpose of going out in the early freaking morning? Well, I went to get some nice donuts and a battery for my self photo-shooting session in my room.

Recent self-experimental shot using a low profile digital camera (more pics)

Last weekend was funky-cool. I went out with my friends (Boys night out), with Riz, Azril, Juin, Alfred, Farrah and Jane Doe at Alexis, Ampang. The band was truly awesome, playing great slow tempo and up-tempo jazz music, and they came all the way from Australia (as if this information helps! Haha). The next day, I went for an audition (Host) at Sri Pentas, TV3 for a program called ‘Rexona No Sweat Dance Challenge’. I didn’t do well cause I was distracted, well I guess since my parent went of to Thailand and Philippines makes me worried about them and house. Anyway, I met nice people there, like actress Catriona Ross and model, Sabrina Hassan. I even met my junior, Fariha, where I use to work with her on a local TV Game Show back in those days. We had such a great discussion about film industry and lotsa stuff. Today I have to go to Uptown to submit my work to Wondermilk for this June’s art exhibition.

I finally managed to get my domain, up at (mt) media temple hosting. They had recently upgrade the server to 2GB space and give me the privillage to host few other clients site in the same (ss) server. Yay! Thanks to Nik Fariz (CTO) and (mt) family for the kind assistant. You guys rawk!

That’s all folks! Yay!

* yo! Is that my last dance?

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