Sunday, May 29, 2005

My heart speaks:

Was that brown eyes that caught my heart?
Was the smile mesmerizing my mind?
The elongated conversation we both had,
Was tremendous as we get closer every moment,
Your kiss was so sweet, tender caressing this lip,
Makes me fall deep in ecstasy,

Could it be another fiction, like a movie?
Should I neglect my heart and pass the life,
That I thought I could have give a little more space,
Of promising future for both of us?
Or I deem to find the truth?
Or forever gone before I can see the light

I never wrote a peom for so long and this week has been one of the best journey in my life so far, to discover myself even more. I got twisted too :P Well, it's just me. Learning to discover more of my other side. 'Alter-ego' huh?

* let's dance

2 opinions :

aL said...

great write! didn't know u can do poems. And what's with 'discovering yourself even more'? hmmm... just joking!


chocolateylife said...

Hey, it's so cool to stumble upon ur site! Nice poem too.