Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Do I need to be invisible? or must I become one of those from ‘Planet Look-At-Me’?

It’s today’s trend to wear nice clothes, you need to look good and have at least gadget worth RM1k in your hand. In Kuala Lumpur, you got to be metro sexual to attract people, either for women or men. You need to sit in groups in a café like Starbucks or Dome to get attention. You need to hold a cell phone and pretend you are important and busy and you really need to drive a good car, to get attention. You would probably buy an outfit that cost RM500 from ZARA or Esprit. Gosh, that is the minimum amount! They would, of course attracted to you because of money (materialism) but deep down inside, you are still ‘invisible’ because a lot people don’t really see the real you that is your heart, your mind and God knows if you’re a FAKE who probably rent rooms with 4-10 of your friends in a flat or a cheap apartment whose originally from Felda, Pahang or Pasir Mas, Kelantan. (It’s like Tennessee, U.S.).

Though not related to my post, this picture was taken way back in 1988 in Point Lonsdale Primary School, Geelong, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.
From left is Me (Muid), Abby (sitting on a stool, hello!) & my eldest sister, Aniq. Gosh, I realized my little sister Afiqah (not in the picture) look just like me.

You see, in my life, I was taught to look good, wear good clothes, because whenever I go out of the house, my dad would start lecturing me about wearing appropriate, decent clothes. I don’t know what it means to wear expensive clothes on my teen days and then I start realize today, at this very moment. I had changed. I wasn’t a brand freak any longer. I don’t need to buy Guess? Jeans, Calvin Klein’s T-Shirt and other expensive items. I just necessitate being normal, wise and smart. What I’m trying to state here is that you need to wear and look good, if not you will be mistreated and disrespected. But don't get me wrong, you don't need to look good if you wanna buy your grocery at 7-11 or in pasar malam (night market) right? ;-)

For example; the culture of typical Kelantanese or ‘mat rempit’ (native, naive annoying bike riders) who wears tight jeans, t-shirt and Converse shoes will draw bad impression and rejection from the society because ‘these’ people are well known for their bad manner and ‘gangster-ism’. Here’s what happen 2 weeks ago. I went to KLCC with my sister Abby. We went out for some sushi. So, when I was on the ground floor, I went to the ‘so-called-smoking area’ at the entrance of the KLCC PUTRA LRT station. When I was just about to light my cigarette, an old security guard chases me off (in a very rude way). Now, I see few other people also smoke there but they wasn’t got ‘chased’ except me. I was f*cking pissed off. I looked at myself and I just realized that I wear a tight Levi’s jeans, my tight t-shirt and Adidas shoe. It seems that I suddenly wear like one of ‘them’. It was right there at that moment; you can see ‘rejection’ of a person and shows the perception of a person towards people who dressed like those ‘mat rempit’. Thank God I didn’t wear any thick silver necklace. So the next week I went to the same place after my press interview with Utusan (local newspaper), and wearing a nice coat and 'black shine shoe', I smoke at the same place once more, and it was there, the same old rude security guard, with different impression, doesn’t seem so eager to chase me away for smoking at that particular area. It was a diverse feeling. And all that jazz!

Anyway, I met a friend who wears at expensive clothes and he always told me that ‘hey, it’s Tommy Hilfiger pants and Armani glasses’. I can feel like I’m walking with a person wears like the amount of my salary. He asked, ‘Hey, nice glasses, where you get it?”. I told him that I got it from Petaling Street (Malaysian China Town) for RM10 Ringgit (like USD$3 bucks) and he went completely insane. I just wanted to end our ‘fashion’ discussion so I went in a bookstore later (Kinokuniya) to shut him off to a magazine stand (where's there's fashion magazine).

So today, I don’t care much if people want to look at me or not, for the reason that I know when I needed to get attention and when I do not want to get attention. That’s all up to me and you.

Art is yours!

Well, time is passing by but none of you know what I am doing now right? I’m preparing few artworks including sketches, drawings and painting for ARTYOURS 2005/2006 Wondermilk/KLuE event upcoming June. I’m working closely with Shieko, perhaps my friend Orkibal wants to join, and mostly communicating a lot with Ifzan of TheClickProject.

Me in pajamas, in my room with few of my featured works. Comel tak?

I’m working on a freelance website development for my dear friend, Amir. Will tell you the details about my work, this will be my freestyle meet Asian style which you will all see and enjoy. It’s full interactivity. Gonna add few oriental look-n-feel into it. Yay!

My dance-clip had been recently updated with fx's;

Now, I’m gonna have a nice green tea and watch anime Cowboy Bebop again.

* Is it my last dance?

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*cosmic freak* said...

salmi suruh kirim salam kat kamu cos she viewed your clip already ...

I wear affordable branded stuff ... but I only buy clothes like once a year ...

or I just wear yours secondhand or yong's secondhand stuff ... hehehe ...

Shieko said...

Cool, cool,..
I like ur pix when young, so nostalgic,.....

CowboyBebop series ker? Best tak? Nakpinjam...

keep in touch abt the Wondermilk stuff k,

take care

dannyFoo said...

hey muid, everyone is brought up that way but hey, I'm still my stubborn self if I know I'm not dressing for anything formal or meaningful. :P

anyway, good luck in spreading your culture in the exhibition later.


Muid Latif said...

Can pinjam, later i meet u I will bring the VCD.

Thanks dude. Really appreciate it ;)
So... another 3 months to go for u to come back here in Malaysia rite?

fazleephixel said...

like the effect on your video... Adobe Premiere?

nadio said...

nice photos, muid!

Suara Dasar Hati said...

When I start working, I increasingly see those people who are superficial in the way you describe in this entry. On one hand, it makes me feel slightly inferior because I didn't really care what brand I wear. On the other hand, it makes me wonder if the brands are the sole thing that define oneself. Status, perhaps.

Oh whatever.

Muid Latif said...

Thanks Nadio.

Fazlee, I use Sony Vegas Video 3 to do the fx... no premier one :P

Voice From Within, you got that rite :) But to me if i want to judge on status, it would be mindset. The more open and level-headed, the more i respect. Sometimes getting rich and big, always have arrogant and ego among themselves.