Monday, April 04, 2005

Back to Basis

Je suis terriblement desole pour ce qui se produisent ici. Mon attidude et expression dans ce blog, semble que j'ai ete des choses prevues a beaucoup. J'ai besoin de therapie. Qu'est dessus assorti a moi ?

I've been out of focus lately. In my previous post, it might sound like my life is such an 'emo'. In fact, I was just expressing what I had experience in my past life and I had done few analysis on things I can interpret for a good point of view to my visitors.

Quel est talent createur et vrai ?
Assuming that I think I am creative and talent, I now realized that what I am lack of is Faith & 'Be Cool' about things. I've been reading to much of self-motivation book to make me thing I am better and fine, but it was just a conjecure of being 'over' confident. Now I'm back to basic. So now where does my journy begin and end?
I'm a very emotional person and from this day on, I will try to vanquish that 'emotional' attitude and feeling away, to I will not hurt myself or hurt anyone.
Life is not perfect. And I disagree anyone being perfectionist. Not that I hate that person but it's basically the normal things we human think differently.

I would like to thank my highly appreciated inspirators, like Faizal Reza of, Raven (Corepixel) and Danny Goh for lifting up my spirits and motivation. Thousand appreciation.

No updates on my stuff?
DMP has been awfully disregarded... now, I'm working on XML & Flash intergration in order for easy updates for my portfolio. I'm working freelance for timebeing before I can really prepare myself to shoot out my resume to agencies. Portfolio must be quality I guess :)

+ visit {moedlatif} beta (50% complete). Trying to figure out why I can't make my XML news appear when the flash movie finish downloading. Have to refresh it twice in order to see the XML data load.

* Not my last dance.

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