Sunday, April 24, 2005

To Be or Not To Be

My last issue I wrote is about commitment, and today I be looking for to talk about how to love ourselves (not ‘over’ ourselves please). You see, to love ourselves is the most fascinating fixation you can achievement in your life because it enable you to comprise the capability to trust your own self, to be self-conscious, to be confident (but not over confident), to respect your body, mind and soul, to control your determination and train to appreciate yourself. Learn how to congratulate ourselves is one of the best therapies, a process of becoming a motivated, positive person. But hey, nobody is perfect right?. But it doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

Don’t Fear, Risk it!
“Regain control of your emotions and conquer your Fear of Flying”

We often fear of things around us, we scared of try new things because to our belief it will affect our daily practice and our typical stereotype routine, for example, “Muid, you can never do that aero spin dude”. Such a low esteem but somehow a reverse psychology for a person, to gain new spirit or to shut down their confidence immediately! Now, to that action, it’s not that I cannot do it but it’s my mind that is controlling me, which makes me more fear than ever. However, think is what we must do before we can carry those actions. My result would be; “I need to go on physical training, to keep my body fit and balance, therefore learn the psychical movement and practice little by little. It might take time, patience is all I need and soon I believe and know I can do it”. So what’s the feeling? Once you finally achieve that practice and do it often, you feel good, and you will move on to the next level. That’s how people should move, not to stay but move on.

Back to Reality

This is the recent 'merisik' picture of me and my sister, Aniq.
Thanks to Amir, my dear friend for the lovely make-over.

This week, our family had been busy preparing few things for my eldest sister’s engagement. I hold my breath to see one of the beautiful occasions that happen last Thursday when she accept the engagement ring on Malik’s behalf. I couldn’t hold the moment but I let tears run deep into my heart to see my adorable lovely sister.

I will be appearing in local newspaper, particularly in Arts & Culture section where I will feature some of my oriental works. Thanks to Utusan for the interview session. Finally, I got my work publish in Malay language. I’m working on few ‘remaining’ ‘charity’ works that my regular freelance employer gave me. Working on resume-shooting session to few international firms, I just have to pray and keep my finger cross hoping to get a good job with good income. I’m trying to get part time over a dance school where I hope to coach dancers. Whatever happens, I hope as long I can save up some cash to continue my Masters in Canada or in United Kingdom.

I just updated a column in my blog layout where you kind visitors can download my Web Arts motion/demoreel (PC Only) and two (2) PDF documents; a collection of my digital Arts/Illustration work and my press kit release where you will be able to see some legal letters, acknowledgements and newspaper articles about my work or myself :)

* this is not my last dance

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Shieko said...

Congrats on your sister wedding!
& i really hope you'll succeed in finding ur jobs & continuing ur studies in overseas ya...take care.